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The nonprofit corporation was formed in 2009 as the umbrella organization to steer and fund all activities of Harpguitars.net and the Harp Guitar Gathering.

A full list of modern players of both contemporary and historical music, plus a section on historical players.
Featured Player of the Month
Player of the Month: Archives
Encyclopedia of Harp Guitar Players of the Past

Vintage Harp Guitar Photographs,  Postcards, Cabinet Cards, Advertising & Ephemera. 9 main sections.

The Forum
Archived October, 2018

Links on all topics pertaining to harp guitars.

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Members Only Section
Special password protected material.



What is a Harp Guitar? - First effort to organize and define the family of harp guitars.
The Galleries: Photo Reference Library of all Harp Guitar Forms and Examples - Family Tree and exhaustive Library of photos to accompany the previous work. This is where you'll find the bulk of harp guitar images (historical and modern), as well as fascinating related instruments.
Patents - All known patents of harp guitars and related instruments (only American, so far).
The Knutsen Archives: All known instruments and information on Chris Knutsen - The largest single-maker study in the world.
Encyclopedia of Manufacturers & Featured Maker Sections
Illustrated alphabetical listing of all known historical makers of harp guitars.
Full pages or expanded studies on:
Iconography - secondary link.
Encyclopedia of Harp Guitar Players of the Past - secondary link to the section on historical players.
Featured Harp Guitar of the Month
- An illustrated study of a special instrument, to change regularly.
Harp Guitar of the Month: Archives
- A permanent archive of all the featured

The Harp Guitar Gathering®
The official home of the annual event created by Stephen Bennett, and run by the Harp Guitar Gathering Board.

A full list of luthiers who have built or regularly build harp guitars of various types.

Includes a list of all web articles exclusively appearing on this site (anything with a significant amount of text). Also a Bibliography of articles and books with references and information on harp guitars.

A full list of recordings by modern players of both contemporary and historical music, plus a section on vintage recordings.

Letters from our readers.

How to search for any topic or name in Harpguitars.net.

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About this Site
Introduction, brief background and credits.


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