I was about to continue my series on the Harp Guitar Gathering (with Luthiers), but see that I have no photos as yet.  They should finally be on their way from our official photographer, so it’ll be a couple of days.

Meanwhile, speaking of strange new harp guitars…Tom Shinness sent me a Facebook link to this woman, Smaro Gregoriadou, in Greece, who plays a whole bunch of unusual guitars built by George Kertsopoulos.

I can tell that this one is, in fact, a harp guitar, by way of the 3 attractively added harp strings.

But then it seems to defy logic by adding this:

There are a few more photos of portions, but none that seem to show the full view, nor any description.

A quick glance at her website shows a fascinating artist, with a new CD on Delos International (hey, the same folks that “distributed” by Christmas set in 1996).   This is where I found the photo that enabled me to see that the 2 above photos are actually of one instrument!

I didn’t see it in her fascinating page of original guitars.

Who would like to get to the bottom of this possible new harp guitar inductee?