The Powell brothers, that is!  But this time, they’re here to stay – yikes!   Jaci and I love David & Tone – after their last short visit, she wanted to adopt them.   Well, be careful what you wish for because now they’re neighbors.

Not too close – they’re a ways south in San Clemente, in a new apartment, and working at the Holloway shop there since a week and a half ago (and loving it, from all accounts).

Today, they were doing some work at the Pasadena office, a relative stone’s throw down the freeway from us.  They stopped by afterward to drop off a few more instruments for my web store and showed me the finer points of Holloway set-up.  My catchphrase now will be: “Has your Holloway been pimped by the Powells?”

Aren’t they adorable?  Holloway house calls, even!

They had a few years of museum acquisitions to catch up on before they reluctantly headed back.

Tone could not get over the Laurenti harp mandolin (now restored: see blog of 9-21-10).

Too many instruments, so little time.

Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

Better lock the instrument cases!