Here are a sampling of photos I’ve received that show the best part of the Harp Guitar Gatherings: “Family reunions” and new faces mixing with old, and hopefully creating new connections and friendships.  Personally, I wish I didn’t have to work so hard at these things, so I could relax and kick back with each and every one of you!

I think my mom spent more time with our special guest Philippe Fouquet than I did…

“The girls” bonding at the sales table: Nancy Bodick-now-Bennett, Linda Morgan, Jaci Rohr

Two of the oldest friends to be found at the Gatherings (not that they’re old…well, actually they are…but that they’ve been friends for a long time…oh, never mind): Joe Morgan and Stephen Bennett

…and newer HG friends: me and Scott Burwell (Holloway)

Dan LaVoie (excited about something), and Steve Farmer (patiently listening)

Philippe can’t believe something that Jeff Titus just said…? (perhaps the replacement value of Oracle?)

Bill Dutcher tries out John Doan’s new Brunner OHG

Nancy Conescu and Bruce Labadie sharing 6-string tunes…(hey, wait a minute!  No 6-strings allowed!)

Andy Wahlberg and Stephen demonstrate just how easy HGs are to play  (look closely at the hands…yes, they were doing double “Hard Days Night” a la Roy Clark and Glen Campbell – first time and for real!)

Irma & Carter Lancaster chat with Jaci…I’m checking out the Powell Bros’ new HG “12-string” (on the neck)

Apparently critiquing John Doan’s tie.  Benoit talks to Muriel.

John and Michael Schreiner

Stacy Hobbs and John

Martin Leycomm (all the way from Germany for his first Gathering) and Dan Pease

All who are able get together for our final Monday morning breakfast
(Ben, Kathy Wingert, Mike Doolin, Frank Doucette)

Andy, Bob Hartman, Duane Noble, Dan P.

Carol Hartman with Bob & Andy

Joe & Philippe

Host Brad and me

But eventually time to leave…

Until next year…