Well, he does! Brand name, that is.

Nate Blaustein just got his Hewett harp guitar back from a local luthier (setting up for recording), who suggested he try these new (or now old?) brass C-clamps made for guitar headstocks.

Apparently, folks have been trying them on guitars (mainly electric) for more sustain.

The effect is apparently subtle, but real, in many cases.

In Nate’s case, the luthier thought that the instrument needed a bit more something, so clamped them on, like so.

Both heard a bit of “EQ” improvement; a bit more mids.

Nate wondered if the bracket found on original Knutsens and Dyers might have had this same effect.  Doubtful, as their little L-brackets have little weight; still, there is the old mystique that Dyers and such need those brackets for tone.

Some day I plan to put that theory to the test.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling that your harp guitar (or any instrument) is sounding a bit wimpy, why not try clamping a vice-grips or C-clamp on it and see what happens?

Here’s what one of these “Fat Fingers” weighs….thanks for the info, Nate!