Apparently, there’s a new “pope” in town…or at least that’s what Rich Mermer might be thinking.

Well, at least demonstrating.  I’m not sure how/why the photographer captured this particular moment, but I’d be very much surprised if Rich wasn’t thinking of me at the time.

What he’s doing is giving a presentation (with the title of this blog) at the last ASIA convention (that’s the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans).  This was in June in Pennsylvania.  He asked for my blessing in advance and permission to use anything off the site.  At which point I should probably remind any other future speakers/presenters/writers that A) yes please, everyone must ask permission for using any of the site material, and B) a majority of the material is not owned by me (or the Foundation), but by others, and shared through their donation or a Fair Use policy (so I can’t speak for them in most cases).  Just some fine print as a reminder.

So, rather than threaten to sue my friend Rich for “attempting to impersonate the pope,” I said, “have at it!”

As you can see from his slide above, he has a lot to learn.  I run 3 hours, and I’m just showing instruments….he’s going into stands!

But seriously, he sent the following picture just to demonstrate his good intentions in crediting the source (or to avoid legal action).

Our friend Mr. Mermer also recently registered for HGG9 (he missed last year), so it’ll be good to see him again – perhaps sticking his tongue out at me…but from the audience, where he belongs!

P.S. there will be some new luthier and instrument surprises as always this year…be there!