After breakfast with Mike Doolin and Nancy Conescu, we took a leisurely drive home down 101.  First across the Golden Gate bridge, then a quick stop to say hello to Jeff Titus (on the street outside his S.F. office), then a picturesque drive out to and along the coast for a swing by Fred Carlson’s.

He and Suzie were both in great spirits and health and working away in the shop.  We got an update on the elaborate new creation for Jeff (some major surprises in store on this one!).

Here’s the neck (baritone) and harp arm…

And here’s the top.  Yes, that is some serious cut-away and leg rest.
The back was underway as well.

We always enjoy seeing the new and old full-size templates hanging all over the walls.  Here’s the last one, the Barikoto for Todd Green.   In case you missed it, check out Fred’s photos!