Sorry I haven’t been as blogging-prolific lately.  Lots going on in preparation for the Harp Guitar Gathering and various other distractions.

For example, I spent most of Sunday re-doing the Knutsen section in the museum room (selow.  It had been weighing on me).

One of my cousins who comes over about once a year (and who enjoys catching up on the latest finds) was pretty dumbfounded last visit, cracking that I was “seriously double parked.”

It’s actually worse – more like triple, with recent HGs on guitar stands around the perimeter.

And the last few Knutsens had been just sort of thrown anywhere there was an open cubic foot or two.

I’d say I just managed to re-arrange that case in the presentation style I insist on.

Can you identify all 19 Knuts? (some, especially in the corner, require multiple viewing angles)

Click to check the guide when done (no cheating).

Yeah, I’m thinking it may be time to cut loose a couple of these – before the place turns into actual “stacked parking” like the Hollywood Bowl.