Very soon after the Saturday concert ends, things pick right up again back at the hotel lobby.

It’s amazing that in all these years the police have never been called (well, except for that time at HGG6 in Nate’s Motel 6 room…but remember what I said about “What happens at the Gathering stays at the Gathering…”).

As I wasn’t there to witness most of the interplay, I’ll try to put these photos (from various contributors) into a vague order of the fun-loving musical chaos.

What was going on here, guys – a jam or a final exam?

That’s more like it!

a powerful combination!

a vocal interlude…

How did Don manage to sneak in a 6-string?!

At some point, Jaci and I made it downstairs (Dan loaned me his banjo)

“Momma Don’t Allow No Japanese Blues Harp Players ‘Round Here!”

I think I gave Ben his most valuable promo shot ever for his new harp guitar…

…and with that, I stumbled to bed, with the musical insanity raging on ’til the wee hours…

Next: Sunday morning madness!

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