Even as our 10th Harp Guitar Gathering ended, my friend Joachim Csaikl (Further Beyond Six Strings, Christmas Present) and his friends held the first public concert of harp guitar music at Cenario in Vienna on November 8th.

Joachim supplied the following photos and particulars:

“The opener on this evening was Kurt Obermair and Yasmin Priuz

They played a G. F. Handel Aria, a song by the Buena Vista Social Club and a traditional tune from Macedonia.

He played his kontragitarre – made by Peter Tunkowitsch – with only a pick!.

Kurt also performed with singer Ursula Slawicek.

“The next act was the duo Profundkontra, consisting of Emmerich Haimer and Martina Engel.  They played songs from their new CD, which has influences from Astor Piazolla (king of Tango) and many other styles.  So you can hear a little bit of jazz and blues, waltz and Austrian folk music..

“Then Michael Eipeldauer spoke about  kontragitarre history and famous kontra builders. He plays his own kontragitarre concept.

“Next, I played three duos with my student Gerhard Rieder: “Ain´t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers), “Eleanor Rigby” (Beatles) and “Fragile” by Sting.  Gerhard plays a new Karl Kirchmeyr kontra.

“Finally, I played my solo program:

“Feel the Real,” “Moondance,” and the instrumentals “Every Breath You Take” and “Fear.”

I played my Reisinger with 3 pickups – the installation of the pickups was done by Reinhard Blumberger in 2009 and Andreas Neubauer in 2012.”

Joachim, it looks like a great variety of music and talent.  Thanks for sharing!