The title just gives me an excuse to present two new discoveries; what I recognized that they have in common is the modern take (each for their time) on the design for sub-bass headstocks.

The first was built by Wilhelm Geittner about 1845 in what is now Wrozlaw, Silesia (Poland).  It’s owned by renowned historical music player and guitar collector Brigitte Zaczek, a recent addition to her growing collection (but available for sale, she tells me…).

I just love the organic Stauffer-style double headstock, and of course the “retro” shoulder-sloping.

The second is the brand new, second harp guitar creation (commissioned by a Japanese guitar store) by the always-original Michi Matsuda.

Modern, indeed.  I’m not exactly sure in which Gallery I’d place his new instrument.  The harp head is sculpted onto a sort of dual-arm second neck.

Specs are: Italian spruce top, Indian rosewood sides and back, mahogany neck, Wenge fingerboard and bridge.  The sub-bass ares are Catahua.

Here are a couple of in-process build photos Michi sent in:


Thanks to both for these contributions to the site!