After a beautiful morning at Montmartre, I took the Metro down to the museum district to do some strolling and spend some quality time at Notre Dame, which had so captivated me on my first quick look.

Almost immediately, delightful architectural elements greet the eye

This structure is across from the Louvre on its east end

Gargoyles, especially the “rain gutter” type seem prevalent in France

I took this shot of the southwest corner of the Louvre, thinking it was monumentally huge.  This is just a tiny corner.  I’d see the whole thing the next day.

Taking a long walk along the Seine…

I stood in the middle of traffic waiting for this shot

The street juggler wasn’t the most impressive I’ve seen…

…but he did do it all with a bowl of live goldfish on his head.

It was a few days after hearing the news of the tragic death of slide guitar master Bob Brozman when out of nowhere I heard this beautiful amplified lap steel music.  This is Robert, who had just heard the news himself from another tourist.  We talked for some time about Bob and music.

Notre-Dame again, but I had more time and a somewhat clear (for now) day

It was time to get my gargoyle fix…

The variety and proliferation were incredible

It boggles the mind

A “simple side entrance,” I believe…

Another amazing door…

…and surrounding carvings

And the front door…another line I just had to get in.

I began to see why they call this the “Cathedral of Light.”

By the time I came out, the weather had taken a surprising turn, and within minutes it had started to rain, as I looked for a quick bite before the evening’s 3-hours tour.  And then it was poring…no umbrella, but I had a windbreaker with hood…just need to check the next location…I had 15 minutes to get there…and the iPhone GPS has no signal as if I could possibly be surprised…almost gave up and decided to just head home, it’d be a miserable night anyway…stumbled on a Metro station and figured I had one shot to make it…

Next: Seine river cruise and the Eiffel Tower at sunset!