Sometimes these blogs just get out of hand!  Case in point: The harp guitars of F. E. Coulter.  First there was one instrument (and one blog).  Then another (of each).  And finally a third.  As this was pretty much everything published on the maker anywhere, I linked to the start of those blogs from a new, official “Coulter” entry on the History page.

Well, after another Coulter harp guitar image (above) turned up, along with another crazy “super-mandocello” and a nine foot tall banjo, I decided it was time to start over…and so, a new permanent Makers page: Frank E. Coulter Harp Guitars and Other Stringed Instruments. 

It’s pretty cool, I might add.

I don’t plan to add every mandolin or guitar that turns up, but if anyone spots anything particularly interesting or harp guitar-related, please let me know!