My own personal “Ghosts of Christmas Past” are coming back to haunt me…


They are the two captivating women (mother and daughter?) on the cover of my 2006 harp guitar compilation CD, originally from a beautiful c.1920s photo I bought on eBay specifically for the purpose.

My genius artist friend Tim Baker helped me transform them in one of my first challenging Photoshop projects.

What’s haunting me is that I haven’t come across the original photo since to add to our Christmas decorations.

And now the ghostly pair are taunting me, as I ran across two more photos of them this last week on eBay!

I don’t like the stiff posed look of the last one, the others are much more natural.

But then again, the women aren’t in their parlor, they’re in an obvious portrait studio.

One wonders what prompted it and their proud showing off of their instruments?

Me, I’m frantically in the machinations of Christmas Present at the moment.