To kick off 2015, we didn’t have a New Year’s Eve party…my wife Jaci threw her own “I refuse to grow up” milestone birthday party.

This was last night (Jan 3, 2015), and Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest voters will remember that the final votes were tallied at this time.

The winner (by a nose): Augustine Francis Charles McGillicuddy!

Auggie crept up behind previous front-runner Maezi with a final pounce of 38 to 34.

Meanwhile, part 2 of the contest (Ugly Christmas Sweater “I Voted” Selfies) continued with participants sending in their photos, all hoping to win their own Ugly Christmas Sweater prize:

Mark & Barb Miner

Jean Cammon Findlay

Evelyn Thompson

The Heronimes: Rick, Max and Johna

Dan Pease & Bettie Swarts

The Miner & West clan: Sarah, Kris, Viv, Bob, Lauren, Tyler, Don

And the winner is…


Judge Jaci says the ugliest Christmas sweater was a toss up between Tyler, Don and Dan, but the latter squeaked by with the inclusion of the canine element on top of it.  Then there is the “Nice” cap, which goes antithetical to his character…

Dan will be receiving this classic trophy crafted by Auggie and Maezi:

Honorable group mention goes to the brave Miner/West family, and a special booby-prize goes to her cousin Rick, who cheated with ugly Photoshop on top of truly hideous Christmas sweaters.

At last night’s party, winner Auggie pulled (from his dog bowl) the in-house winner, Jeanette Buerling.

Thanks to all those who voted!