Well, they’ve led me a merry chase, but I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of the story of Vardon, Perry and Wilber.

Make that six Wilbers…and counting…

This early 20th century vaudeville act is already somewhat unusual for its career-spanning dedicated use of harp guitars.   But more unusual is how popular and long-running the act was while consisting of two known entertainers and one seemingly “fictional” entertainer – the “Wilber character.”   What’s the backstory?   Why the subterfuge and illusion?   Why so many Wilbers?

My new in-depth Player of the Month feature finally presents a smoking gun…along with a new surprise or two…or three.

During this comprehensive start-to-finish timeline of Vardon and Perry, we’ll also investigate their intriguing instruments along the way.

Best of all, dozens of new, never-before-seen images of the boys – and girls, an essential part of the VP&W story – are published here for the first time, another amazing Harpguitars.net exclusive!

Please join me now for the strange-but-true story of:

Vardon, Perry and…Wilbers?