Holy Sub-basses, Batman!  This thing is happening!

Before you click on the link…some updates: We always have a dozen late-comers to the Gathering and will accommodate them as always.  However, please be advised: Hotel filled up and we added another small block of rooms at our special rate.  We have this rate until late September but I doubt there will be any rooms left at that point. There are more expensive hotels in the area and a few cheaper (and much grungier) hotels in the area.  Gathering registrants always get the whole package – not necessarily this year.  The museum is now selling tickets to their hundreds of members and the public.  There should be plenty of seats for the big Saturday night concert at the church, but limited seats for Sunday afternoon’s concert – so Registration may not guarantee you entry into Sunday’s show (I know several who are hoping to play in the show, but haven’t even registered yet!).  Book soon!