Our 15th Harp Guitar Gathering 2 weekends ago contained no end of surprises.  I had a couple of my own!

We had a record turnout of attending Luthiers, including some new faces.  They displayed in their own beautiful display room, gave PowerPoint presentations, sold a few things and schmoozed the public.

One new face was Rob Smith of Timberline Guitars.  He displayed just one instrument, which had arrived that very week.  If one looked in the sound hole they would’ve seen this (read closely):


Yes, I inadvertently got back into the harp guitar production game.  It’s a bit of a winding story, but the upshot is that I spent several months collaborating on the design and other features.  Why?  In hopes of giving my Harp Guitar Music shoppers a new high quality entry level instrument option.  And so we did!

Read all about it and by all means start lining up!