James Kline: In a Parallel Reality

No, I’m not saying my arch-guitarist friend’s gone off his rocker…I’m talking about his new book! It’s a delightful small full-color hardback that features photos of the forest wood carvings he shares on Facebook. He’s collected the best in-situ photographs for us and sent a few copies to the States for his U.S. friends. Click […]

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AMIS Virtual Conference June 4-6, 2021 Open to All!

Greetings, all. Long time readers of this blog are familiar with my reports when I attend the annual conferences of AMIS (the American Musical Instrument Society), which are all archived here. Well, now’s your chance to join in via Zoom! For the first time ever, the entire event will be virtual and open to the […]

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The Renewed Guitar

The Renewed Guitar is the title of a stunning new coffee table book coming soon to guitar fanatics everywhere! I haven’t seen any galleys, but can attest that it will be a top notch production, with something for everyone – chock full of rare images of 6-string guitars (and, yes, harp guitars) from all periods. […]

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The Lyric Harp Guitar, or The Flying Beehees and Other Stories

While a “harp guitar” in name only (yes, I research those also!), this one has been an ongoing fascination of mine. Not so much because of the instrument, but because of the story: a unique, multi-generational tale that spans two centuries (three, since I’m publishing this just now) and seems so quintessentially American. I included an […]

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Name That Harp Guitar!

(The reason for my arched eyebrow will become clear soon enough…) Bogen, shmogen! Yes, I’ve revised my stance re the “nomenclature” for the newest Miner Museum treasure: a 1908 Karl Müller (Augsburg) copy of a Friedrich Schenk “bogengitarre.” Schenk’s original c.1850 instrument is a stunning and indescribable design that many German luthiers revisited some decades […]

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Enormously Sad, Forever Glad. Dave Evans (Dec 3, 1940 – Apr 4, 2021)

From the desk of Gregg Miner: To all, Dave Evans, fingerstyle guitar cult hero to many, passed away peacefully in his sleep at 3 AM on April 4th. He was 80 years old, and had lived an undeniably rich and colorful life, full of friends and love. Rather than an obituary, this is a celebration. […]

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Women in Harp Guitar History: Today’s History-Makers

After seven blogs worth of historical women harp guitarists, it’s time to close with today’s female players, who are making history of their own. At the top of the pack and the peak of her powers, is the popular virtuoso fingerstyle player Muriel Anderson, who surely needs no introduction – only to say that she […]

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Women in Harp Guitar History: Italy and Beyond

Thanks to Bruce Hammond for the wonderful Guest Blog on Grace Ravlin, Fine Artist and Bohmann Harp Guitar Player. And now back to our regularly scheduled program. Here is the last of my collected historical images of historical female harp guitar players – from Italy, then on to Russia! We begin in a land that I […]

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Women in Harp Guitar History: Grace Ravlin, Transcendent Artist

The sixth in my special series celebrating women harp guitarists for 2021’s Women’s History Month features guest author Bruce Hammond, expert and collaborator on all things related to the world famous yet still enigmatic Chicago harp guitar maker Joseph Bohmann. This is a single-artist profile on a remarkable young woman who went from harp guitar-playing […]

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Women in Harp Guitar History: An Assortment of American Harp Guitarists

Thanks for joining me in No. 5 in a series of celebrating women harp guitarists! We last visited Central Europe for thirty incredible images, and now return to the States, circa 18950-1920. After focusing on Gibson, Dyer and Knutsen instruments, I’ll now finish up with the many other American brands along with a couple “one-offs.” […]

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