Stephen & Simon

The “Stephen” is reknowned harp guitar builder Sedgwick, the “Simon” is beaming new Sedgwick HG owner, Simon Wahl, an “up and coming” German fingerstyle guitarist.

Steve had already raved to me about Simon, and just yesterday, Michael Lohr of Akustik Gitarre magazine sent me a photo and note about seeing Simon debut the harp guitar in its first live performance (below), stating “He is a very talented composer with a gift for both lyrical ballads and funky, groovy acoustic rock.”  Michael also got to try out the instrument, which he gave a glowing review – one of Steve’s new, larger instruments that I’ve yet to hear (Steve, when will that be?!).

And just today, Steve uploaded a lovely new video that shows the building of this very instrument, set to the first recording of the instrument by Simon.

Excellent job by both of you – congratulations and best to your harp guitar future, Simon!

P.S. Simon and other musicians new to the harp guitar are first listed on the site’s Players page at the very end of the Contemporary section under “Recent Web Discoveries.”  Over time, (assistant) Frank and I will move these up to an appropriate listing, depending on their activities.  The easiest way for us to become familiar with what you’re doing is come to a Gathering!

For Further Reading and more photos of Simon, Stephen and/or the harp guitar:

Simon’s site

Stephen’s site

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