Gibson Meets Knutsen Meets Mammoth

This has got to be one of the most interesting harp guitars I’ve seen in awhile…

It clearly begins with elements of the classic Gibson, but then adds the most amazingly beefy hollow arm extension I think I’ve ever seen.  Plus super-trebles a la Knutsen/Doan, on a cool cutaway, yet.

What a fascinating Photoshop experiment, right?


It’s real!

Cutting to the chase, this obvious labor of love is available at Retrofret here.  And considering the creativity and work that went into it, I’d say it’s pretty darn reasonable.  I’d grab it if I had a bit more cash flow.

Retrofret owner Steve Uhrik tells me:

“Pretty amazing workmanship indeed!  The rebuild was done by a fellow named Oleg Kimerick, a very talented player and antiques restorer here in NYC.  He took a busted up Gibson Style U and added the resonator ‘arm’, cutaway, super octave, Fishman blender system… and yes, the mastodon inlays cut from fossilized mastodon ivory with gold and silver wire for the night stars and comet motif.  He told me that he had to do all the work in his bathroom after leaving his regular day job.  There is also a very nicely done leather (??) soft case.  He asked us to sell his creation – a fantasy instrument – (and) a very talented craftsman.”

Fantasy, indeed.

Isn’t that what harp guitars are supposed to be about?

  1. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    I guess it goes without saying…but wow! That top side weight though must be an issue. I only have one question…why go through all that trouble and not convert it to a double course??? 😉

  2. Steve Uhrik Says:

    …wooly mammoths!

  3. Tom Shinness Says:

    Ridiculous, outrageous and hopefully not contagious, but commendably cool. If it was unready broke, than what the heck.

  4. Tom Shinness Says:

    Already not unready

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