…at least, that’s my prediction.  Harp guitars have become hugely popular of course, but they can be expensive.  Harp ukuleles are a comparative bargain.  And they’re similarly cool with unique possibilities.

After those 2 waves of aNueNue harp ukes sold (some 160+ instruments!), the number of YouTube videos has grown by leaps and bounds.

And it’s going to continue, and not just because of my own, er, compelling advertising methods.

Checking my Luthier Blog Index, I see that I’ve done six blogs so far on new harp ukulele builds, and now once again my original growing Harp Ukulele article is out of date!

The latest is an experimental electric steel-string harp uke by Daniel Hulbert of Utah, described here.

Meanwhile, Duane Noble continues to build his beautiful version in various woods; he’s shared these recent work-in-progress shots with me:

Brazilian rosewood back and sides!

What will undoubtedly be a gorgeous rope-bound koa harp uke

And an elaborate custom instrument with cedar top and Madagascar rosewood back and sides for a special customer (fb inlay a clue?)

But the biggest news is that Alistair Hay of Emerald carbon fiber Synergy harp guitar fame got into the act!  Much like the original harp guitar, he was asked to try one (a commission?  a dare?), and secretly went off and did so!  Here’s his brand new harp ukulele, already a production instrument:

And another, being inspected by Florida harp guitarists Stacy Hobbs and Steve Sjuggurud.

Where and when will it all end?!  If it proves to be like the harp guitar, it won’t…and this is just the tip of the Harp Ukulele iceberg…