Hidden in This Picture

Well, not very hidden, but a pretty tiny harp guitar appearance…

A Dyer player, barely an inch tall, features in this postcard just discovered and kindly submitted by our ever-reliable “Hawaiian Harp Guitar Appearance” correspondent, Les Cook.

He has no idea (yet) who any of the players are, nor the band or location.  The image was taken by a studio in Brussels.

Just a little treat to tide you over (posted in advance – I’m still off on vacation…).

  1. Benoit Says:

    Do you have any idea what studio was it? I may find some informations here… Send me all the details from the postcard…

  2. Les Cook Says:

    hello Benoit ,

    The details on the back of the card are as follows :

    S. POLAK
    Portraits d’art
    48, Chaussée de Haecht

  3. Darrell Says:

    The dancers’ poses are similar to a famous Tau and Rose Moe photograph, but that may just be a common hula move. I know Bob Brozman played HG on their album together, but I’m not sure if the Moes had one in their original touring group.

  4. Darrell Says:

    I’m going to gues Les could recognize the Moes as well..

  5. Les Cook Says:

    Darrell…yes it looks like a common pose ! Tau was the steel player in the original troupe …one of the greatest ever too. Can’t really make out the faces well , especially the male dancer but it doesn’t look Tau and Rose to me and I can’t imagine them with such an unusual line-up of instruments ( piano and banjo AND DRUMS in a Hawaiian band !!) . I’m also guessing that the photo dates from the 1920s and therefore before Tau + Rose came to Europe in around 1937.

  6. Benoit Says:

    Probably a mix between an US Hawaiian band and an European jazz band of the era: banjo, piano, guitar and violin. Could you find the name of the place? There used to be quite a lot in Brussels back then. The POLAK company have falled in oblivium…

  7. Les Cook Says:

    I agree …a mix of Hawaiians and Europeans looks likely . I have no idea about the venue however .

  8. Darrell Says:

    I love the backdrop.. For all we know, the venue (heck, even the players) may not have made it through the war.

  9. Les Cook Says:

    I believe that the guy with the ukulele is Charles K Clark , a Hawaiian musician who led a Hawaiian band in England, France and Belgium in the early 1920s. He was living in Ostend in August 1921.

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