A Noble Image, Indeed

Nice cover on the new Canadian online magazine Muzik, Etc – a great photo of Antoine Dufour with his Duane Noble harp guitar.  Inside, a short interview, that includes a mention of his last CD and Brad Hoyt’s tune, plus the solo recording of Solitude (coincidentally enough, originally planned for FBSS).

Congrats on landing the cover, Antoine!

  1. Anthony Powell Says:

    awesome! do you know if Antoine will be in Ct. for the convention next month?

  2. Gregg Says:

    Alas, no. But soon after the Gathering, SB will join both he and McKee for a short tour….

    So close!

  3. Bruce Labadie Says:

    Very cool pic.
    I gotta chance to play on a couple of Duane’s harp guitars at HGG 8, Warm, nicely balanced.

    If anybody takes video or pics of some of these events pleases share.(with permission of course)

  4. Bernie N. Says:

    Yes! That short little tour will have me seeing Stephen B., McKee, and Dufour at The Ark in Ann Arbor (10/24)–some consolation for not being able to attend HGG9.

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