…meaning sightings of harp guitarists in other musical environments.

The first was Ed Littlefield, Jr., who Frank, Jaci, and I saw a week ago with his band Marley’s Ghost at Blvd Music (where I was first introduced to Stephen Bennett, himself, oh so many years ago).   It was fun to see their talented and entertaining band (with an almost-full house).  Alas, no harp guitar in the band (too many instruments to cart around, I imagine).  Ed played a 6-string guitar once or twice, did duty on bass guitar as needed, but mainly played pedal steel, and what a pro he is!   Beautiful tone, taste and touch, while effortlessly tossing off palm harmonics at any given moment.  We also enjoyed chatting a bit more with the band’s driver, Mike Smith, whom we met at the Gathering.

Then a couple of nights ago, we got to see our dear harp guitarist friend Carter Lancaster in his new gig as Gordon Lightfoot’s guitarist.  Last February, Carter was literally about to go into the studio to record his own piece for Further Beyond Six Strings, when he got the call to take over for Gordon’s long-time guitarist, Terry Clements, who had sadly just passed away.  Carter had 2 weeks to learn 50 songs before going on tour, which he has been doing ever since (and continuing on until further notice).

There’s Carter on the right, all cute and professional – as usual, not a note out of place.

Scott Burwell and Jen were in the front row, Jaci, Frank & I were in the third.  Gordon is still a huge star – the audience response was like nothing I’ve seen in ages.  We enjoyed hearing how Carter essentially travels like true rock star royalty as well, though of course, he is away from wife Irma far more than they would like.

Jaci quickly snapped this photo as we tried to edge closer to Gord as he signed autographs for a huge VIP line.

Another harp guitarist friend is currently “moonlighting” in another major way – as we speak, Don Alder is on Canada’s Got Talent!  But he managed to take his harp guitar with him.  Yes, that’s a Holloway harp guitar on major television, and the judges voted Don to the next round.  Good luck, buddy!