Vardon, Perry and…Wilbers?

Well, they’ve led me a merry chase, but I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of the story of Vardon, Perry and Wilber.

Make that six Wilbers…and counting…

This early 20th century vaudeville act is already somewhat unusual for its career-spanning dedicated use of harp guitars.   But more unusual is how popular and long-running the act was while consisting of two known entertainers and one seemingly “fictional” entertainer – the “Wilber character.”   What’s the backstory?   Why the subterfuge and illusion?   Why so many Wilbers?

My new in-depth Player of the Month feature finally presents a smoking gun…along with a new surprise or two…or three.

During this comprehensive start-to-finish timeline of Vardon and Perry, we’ll also investigate their intriguing instruments along the way.

Best of all, dozens of new, never-before-seen images of the boys – and girls, an essential part of the VP&W story – are published here for the first time, another amazing exclusive!

Please join me now for the strange-but-true story of:

Vardon, Perry and…Wilbers?


  1. Michael Schreiner Says:

    That was a fascinating and fun read! Thanks for bringing it to us. The Gibson tailpiece and bridge on the Knutsen matches those on my 1906 Gibson R exactly.


  2. Michael Schreiner Says:

    I loved this article so much I have to post again. I can’t believe there aren’t 7,000,000 more people in the universe that are not blown away by the coolness of it. Gregg is tireless, he’s like James Brown who would drop to the floor of the stage exhausted after a performance. His people would bring out his cape and try to help him to the exit but he would brush them off and return singing and dancing only to fall again to the ground 3 more times before he was finally carried off. I am bringing you your cape Gregg.. I really appreciate the magnitude of your efforts here.. I support you and am wildly thankful!


  3. Gregg Says:

    Thanks for that visual, Michael! I do feel as exhausted as James Brown (albeit not as sweaty) after efforts such as these. The year of research was one thing; the “creative tedium” (a phrase I just now made up) of preparing the photos and layout and getting it posted is another! I’m glad that many of you enjoy these projects – for me, they’re as historically important as they are fun. If I could just get all my “friends” who “like” my announcements on FB (which I greatly appreciate) to actually read the blogs themselves, then these occasional epic articles (which I always try to make fun), we’d be closer to your 7 million!

  4. Stephen Bennett Says:

    That was hilarious, Michael! Amen! Bring the man his cape. Gregg — excuse me, I mean Sir Gregory — is amazing!

  5. Joe Morgan Says:

    Interesting read, Gregg. Took me a while to work my way through the whole thing, but it was time well spent. Most enjoyable. I still want to know when you find time to sleep……

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