From 2009 until January, 2020, The Harp Guitar Foundation included the following individuals that formed the Harp Guitar Gathering contingent. Thank you all!

Stephen Bennett

Gathering Director

Stephen, a world-class guitarist / harp guitarist, has given the harp guitar more visibility than perhaps any other touring performer in the last two decades.  He founded the Harp Guitar Gathering in 2003 and led its direction as part of the Foundation until 2020.

Joe Morgan
Assistant Gathering Director

Joe draws on his long experience of running acoustic music festivals in Texas, along with his invaluable assistance at the Harp Guitar Gatherings from their inception.
Linda Morgan
Gathering Administrative Assistant

Linda has been providing invaluable behind-the-scenes support at music festivals, including the Gathering, for more than a decade.
Harp Guitar Gathering Board of Advisors 
Andy Wahlberg

Host of the 4th Harp Guitar Gathering, Naples, Florida resident Andy has been a popular harp guitarist / entertainer since the late 1970s.
Mike Doolin

Mike is a professional jazz guitarist and bassist living in Portland, OR. A professional luthier as well, the highly-regarded harp guitar builder hosted the 6th Harp Guitar Gathering.
Nancy Conescu

Nancy is a professional singer/guitarist living in Portland, OR.


Mark Farley

Mark is Adjunct-Assistant Professor of Music at Ocean County College in New Jersey.


David Powell

With this brother Anthony, David owns and operates Tonedevil Guitars.


Steve Silva

Steve is Director of Product Engineering at Tecnau, Inc. in Massachusetts, and a fine harp guitarist.


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