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We feel it is important to thank and list every single person who supports the Foundation.  This list also includes all the many past subscribers to  Without their encouragement and support, we wouldn't be here today.  Thank you! - Gregg Miner, President
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denotes 1 additional donation in that level.
Foundation Benefactor ($5000 or more)

Nancy Conescu 
Ed Littlefield, Jr.

Foundation Benefactor ($1000 or more)

Stephen & Nancy Bennett
Pete Bradshaw

Alan Carruth
Ed & Sally Dowling
Franco Ghisalberti  
Charlie Hill
Joe & Linda Morgan
Michael Schreiner

Foundation Sponsor ($500 or more)

Nate Blaustein 
Joseph Conklin
J. B. Davies 
Don & Kristen Druckenbrodt
Steve & Vickie Farmer
The Harp Guitar Gathering
The Jonathan & Faye Kellerman Foundation
Jeff Pike
John & Dana Riley
Wilson Schunemann
Stephen Silva

Esau Simmons
Hirokatsu Takai

In Memoriam

Steve Bauman (from Robert Hartman): "Steve Bauman of Bismarck, ND has been a friend for many years. He was seen on this year's Antique Roadshow, hour two of the Bismarck airing. He brought about a dozen of his Larson guitar collection and was featured with Mark Wahlberg and had Richard Johnston appraise his Dyer Style 4 and a super jumbo 19" Prairie State guitar. Sadly he died shortly after the show aired. I am honored to now own the Style 4 shown on that Roadshow feature.")
Grace Ford Danaher (from Patty)
Michael Hedges (from Jeff Titus)
Hayward Hawthorne Hill (from Charlie)
Gene Rohr (from Zita)
Zita Rohr (from Jaci)
Hirokatsu Takai (from Joe and Linda Morgan)
In loving memory of Jane Baldwin, Harp Guitar Mom (from Drew)

In Honor of:

Stephen Bennett (from Florence Berrien) 
Gregg Miner
(from Robert & Vivian Miner)
Joseph Stertz (1876-1915)(from Bob [grandson] & Paul [great-grandson] Workman)
Sergio Reguzzoni (1885-1974)(from Enrico Reguzzoni)

Foundation Patron ($100 or more)
Anonymous **
Lou Alano *
Don Alder
Christopher Allen
John Amaral
Alex Anderson 
John Anderson
Bart Applewhite 
Charles Ashby, Jr.,
Burkhard Baader
Ryouji Bandou
Tony Barnard *
Alberto Basso
Steve & Marie Bekessy
Judith Bennett
Florence Berrien *
Larry Berwald
Charles Biggar ***
Steve Bissell
Tom Blackburn
Jim Blanchard
M. Angele Blanton *
Michael Bohrer 
David Boyd
Dean Brown *
Brent Bunker
Mike Brittain *
Scott Burwell/Holloway Harp Guitars *
John Bushouse *
Linda Cameron
Fred Carlson
Kerry Char
Daniel Choi
Jim Claridge
John Condon
Thomas Conley
Fabrizio Contini
Tom Cook
Lyle & Elsie Cripe
Dan Cross
Joe Cullison
Mark Deering
Eugene Dilling
John Doan
Jeff Doctorow
Mike Doolin 
Frank Doucette *
Bill Dutcher
William Eaton
Ben Elder
Larry Elfenbein *
Jeffrey R. Elliott 
Emerald Guitars/Alistair Hay
Sara Engebretson ***

Dave Evans
Mark Farley
Jean and Gilbert Findlay
Karla Fisher
Ande Flavelle
Frank Ford/
Philippe Fouquet
Jeff Gale
Harold Guthrie
Bruce Hammond
Neil Harrell

Greg Harrington
Aurelia Hartenburger **
Robert Hartman/Larsons Creations **
Eric Hartshorn
Cheryl Henningsgaard
Rick & Johna Heronime
Michael Hess
Christopher Hiers
Allen Hinnant
Stacy Hobbs 
Brad Hoyt
Blair Johnson
Kevin Keys *
Jay Koelzer
Hal Kemp
Bruce Labadie
Claude Laflamme
Martin Larose  
Steve Laszcz
Norman LeDonne
Martin Leykomm
John Littel
Eric Loy
Mike Marken
Sean Martin
Colin McCubbin/Notecannons Graham McDonald
Andy McKee
Rich Mermer
Veronica Merryfield *
Benoît Meulle-Stef 
Robert & Vivian Miner **
Mark & Barb Miner **
Gregg Miner & Jaci Rohr
Merle Mortensen
Craig Nelson
Thomas Nielsen *
Duane Noble  
Michael O'Brien
Mike O'Melia
Paul Oorts 
John Parchem 

Derek Patton
Dan Pease & Bettie Swarts
Michel Pellerin
Ron Petit
Martin Pleass 
Anthony & David Powell, Tonedevil Guitars **
Steve Powell
Enrico Reguzzoni
Zita Rohr
Neal Rudy ***
Jack Sanders 
Scott Sanford *
Stephen Sedgwick 
Linda Schaffner
Paul Schatzkin
Laura Scheyer
Dan Schwartz
John Shanholt 
Tom Shinness

Stephen Sjuggerud
Michael Simmons *
Rick Spencer
Randall Sprinkle **
Joshua Tan
John & Dorothy Thomas *
Jeffrey Titus *
Jeremy Tubbs
Darrell Urbien
Søren Venema/Palm Guitars
Cédric Verglas/Instruments Lamour
Nick & Tasha Vest
David Wade 
Bob Wagner
Andy & Kitty Wahlberg
Stephen Warburton
Don & Kris West
Patrick Whelan
David White 
Jake White
Tim Whitehouse
Paul & Susie Whybrew
Chris Wilhelm
Andrew Williams
January Williams
Kathy Wingert  
Sean Woolley
Bob & Carol Workman
Paul Workman
Jim Worland *
Rick Wortzel **
Foundation Supporter ($10 or more)
Martin Christenson
Don Clark *****
Les Cook *
Sheri Mignano Crawford****
Joachim Csaikl *****
Brian Crowley ****
Max Cuthbert
Jeffery Dunn *
Richard Edwards
Joe Giaccoio ***
Brosnen Granger
John Hedderman
Jess Hluch *
Poruks Juris
Stephen Lee
Tommy Loose ****
Steven Miller
Kinloch Nelson ****
Jon Pickard ******
David Pittillo *
Paul Price *****
Thomas Quinn***
Matt Redman
Chris Reynolds
Seraphic Wood & Steel
Charles Shipman*
John Stropes
Allan Zolnekoff 

And thanks to our past donors

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