Board of Directors 

The Harp Guitar Foundation came into being as a natural outgrowth of Harpguitars.net and the Harp Guitar Gathering®, founded by Gregg Miner and Stephen Bennett, respectively. Initial funding came from the balance of the cumulative five years of voluntary subscriptions to the Harpguitars.net web site. With the pledge of additional annual funding from key harp guitar proponent Nancy Conescu and the volunteer legal expertise of law professor and harp guitar player John Thomas, the Foundation achieved nonprofit status in mid-2009.

In January, 2020, Stephen and others retired from The Harp Guitar Foundation to create a new, separate nonprofit entity exclusively for the Harp Guitar Gathering®. The Harp Guitar Foundation continues all other activities and efforts to archive and promote the harp guitar.

 Mission Statement 

Serve the world's harp guitar community, including its players, fans, researchers, collectors, restorers and builders

Document and preserve the harp guitar's history

Take the instrument into the future via new players, new music, new instruments and new fans

Specifically, The Harp Guitar Foundation supports:

The continuing research, archival activities, information dissemination and web presence of Harpguitars.net

 Board of Directors 

Gregg Miner
Jaci Rohr
Secretary / Treasurer
Frank Doucette
Vice President
John Thomas

Legal Affairs



Gregg is widely regarded as the foremost expert on the history of the harp guitar, and is also fully engaged in the modern harp guitar movement. He founded Harpguitars.net, the complete resource and archive for enthusiasts, and Harp Guitar Music to cater to their retail needs and interests. An enthusiastic listener, Jaci brings a high level of energy to the foundation, focusing on outreach, with the goal of developing fundraising efforts to reach new segments of the public and introduce them to the harp guitar. A long time harp guitar aficionado, Frank has actively sought to promote the instrument in his work for Harpguitars.net and Harp Guitar Music since their inception.   In addition to playing ragtime guitar and writing a large number of articles on guitars, lutherie, and music, John is also a professor of law at Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut.
 Thanks to the original Harp Guitar Gathering staff and Gathering Board of Advisors.
The Harp Guitar Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

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