The 11th Harp Guitar Gathering 

October 11, 12, 13, 2013

Quinnipiac University
Hamden, CT

Hosted by 
Stephen Bennett & John Thomas

Highlights on Gregg's Blogg

Harp Guitar Arts & Leisure

Co-host John Thomas wrote a lengthy promo piece that appeared on several local news sites.

New Merchandise at the 11th Harp Guitar Gathering

New products (CDs, strings, instruments) that debuted up this year.

HGG11 Overview

A quick overview of the entire weekend.

HGG11 Open Mic Sessions: Old and New Faces

Friday night open mic and Sunday morning Round Robin.

HGG11: Sir Gregory on Super-Trebles

Gregg Miner's historical presentation, now available online.

HGG11 Feature: Dave Powell

Tonedevil's Dave Powell's feature debut!

HGG11 Feature: Pete Bradshaw

Pete Bradshaw debuts his "classical music on steel-string harp guitar."

HGG11: The Luthiers, Part 1

Old and new faces present their latest projects.

HGG11: The Luthiers, Part 2

More new harp guitars

HGG11 Feature: The Artist Formerly Known As Andy McKee

He's back!

HGG11: Saturday Evening Concert

The public gets a healthy dose of harp guitar music

HGG11: Saturday After Hours

Later , we amuse ourselves

HGG11: Sunday Morning Presentation

Arranging one tune four different ways!

HGG11: Sunday Concert

More players, different tunes
More to come!

Featured Performers:
Andy McKee Muriel Anderson
Stephen Bennett Andy Wahlberg
Pete Bradshaw Dave Powell

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