HGG11: Saturday Evening Concert

After a full day of activities (finishing with Andy McKee’s presentation) and a dinner break, the public arrived to join the 75+ Gathering attendees for the evening harp guitar concert.

For this show, the hosts (John Thomas, left, and Stephen Bennett, right) chose to highlight this year’s Feature and Workshop performers.

In no particular order:

Andy McKee

Dave Powell

Pete Bradshaw

Muriel Anderson

Stephen Bennett

Andy Wahlberg

Claude Laflamme

Limiting the line-up to this focused group of “stars” gave each more time to dig in and do a great set – so much so that Muriel, SB and both Andys got standing ovations and performed additional encores.

The hosts had asked me to prepare an introductory slide show for the public, which was not an easy task…I almost held to my time…

I count 38 harp guitarists for our traditional full group finale.

Don’t think for a moment that the evening’s music stopped here however…

Next: Party back at the hotel!

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