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The following are all known entries related to harp guitars, hollow-arm "pseudo" harp guitars, "harp guitars" only in name, and similar instruments.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  Please understand that many of the instruments on this page were not originally referred to as "harp guitars," but may have been known by many other proper, "common," or colloquial names - and often no specific names at all.  Examples such as "bass-guitarre," "kontraguitarre," "bogenguitarre" are just some of many specific historical names.  This list will use my modern terms of classification for all entries.  To understand why they are classified as such today, it is recommended that you first thoroughly read and comprehend the site author's thesis.  Also note that this nomenclature is specifically geared for the English language.

Note also that I include various harp guitar "hybrids" and "relative."

Examples: "bass- (or "kontra-) gitarres" are classified as "harp guitars"; "bass-lauten"are classified as "theorboed lute-guitars"; "Nordic bass-lutes" are classified as "false Swedish lutes."

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Name (Date of birth-death)


Location during instrument production

Date of specific instrument (+/or patent) or years of production Instrument form(s) built (+/or patented) applicable to this study Instrument example(s)
Abel, Roger Alain France 1979 harp guitar patent
Abelspies, John F.C. Glasgow, Scotland (U.S. Patent) 1893 harp guitar patent

Michael Holmes of Mugwumps Online lists 3 different Adams entries, spanning the timeframe at right: Adams & Loffmark, Adams Bros. & Co., and Adams, Loffmark & Wright.

Dwight, IL 1894-1903+ harp guitar
Adler, Johannes Markneukirchen c.1933 harp guitar
Akeson, Charles Minneapolis, MN 1893-? harp guitars Almcrantz_patent,1895.jpg (9077 bytes)

Known from a single listing in a 1938 Sotheby's auction: "An Italian guitar, the peghead with three extra strings, in rose and pinewood."

Italy   harp guitar  
Allison, S. O.

Two mandolinettos are known by this maker and this one harp guitar, of which the original neck is missing.  Curiously, the bridge shows that it had 5 sub-basses and 3 trebles! - likely a fascinating specimen if a complete one ever turns up. -GM

St. Louis, MO July 4, 1899 (stamped on back strip) harp guitar
Almcrantz, Gerhard
The label on the left specimen reads "Manufacturers of and dealers in the Celebrated Almcrantz guitars and all kinds of musical instruments"; the right specimen label is unreadable.
Chicago, IL pre-1895+ harp guitar patent and instruments Almcrantz_patent,1895.jpg (9077 bytes)
Altpeter, Franz W. Special Feature! Chicago, IL 1922-1928 harp guitar patent, harp guitars, harp ukes Almcrantz_patent,1895.jpg (9077 bytes)  
Amberger, Max München c.1902-1913 harp guitars
American Conservatory (see Lyon & Healy)
Anderson, Carl C.

This is likely the "Carl A. Anderson" described as making a "stringed harp-guitar" called a "Zion's Harp" in the 1850-1940 San Francisco Musical Trade journal.  All known Carl Anderson instruments have the "C" middle initial.

San Francisco c.1896-1907 hollow arm guitar
Anderson, Otto (builder for Chris Knutsen) Special Feature! Port Townsend, OR c.1895-1898 harp guitars, hollow arm guitars & violin American_Conservatory-washburncatalog.jpg (9872 bytes) American_Conservatory-washburncatalog.jpg (9872 bytes)
Anfossi, Jean-Pierre Seine, France 1923 harp guitar patent
Angerer, Franz II (1851-1924)

Angerer was a pupil of the Viennese makers Ferdinad and Leopold Feilnreiter.

Vienna .1881-1900 harp guitar
Arkhuzen / Arhuzen / Argusen / Archusen

Ivan F. Arkhuzen of St. Petersburg came second in Makaroff's competition. Unfortunately, there were only six guitars entered into the competition and so there was not much choice for the nine panelists. - Stephen Sedgwick

A whole family of luthiers, originally from Denmark.  Robert Arhuzen was arguably the best.  Spelling is an issue, since we get it back from the Cyrillics, but in the original tongue it would be (probably) Arhuzen. -Oleg Timofeyev

Moscow 1850s-1900s harp guitars
Arias, Vicente (1840-1913)

An important maker in Spanish guitar history. There are about 28 Arias guitars in existence. -Stephen Sedgwick

Vicente Arias made guitars around 1870. He lived and worked in Ciudad Real, and at the end of his career he had a workshop in Madrid. His instruments display a remarkable mastery, comparable to those of Antonio Torres and Manuel Ramirez. Some famous guitarists like Francisco Tarrega played the guitars of Vicente Arias. In the course of his career Arias received various prestigious prizes at exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels and Buenos Aires. According to an up-to-date census, there are 24 guitars by Vicente Arias in existence. -from site of Raphaella Smits

Spain 1890 harp guitar
Arkhuzen, Robert I. (1844-1920) Moscow . harp guitar
Bates, R. E.

See Blog Feature

Bates' "harpitar" has a strange guitar neck, but no unfretted strings.

New York > Connecticutt 1918 "harp guitar" only in name harpitar-mtr.jpg (30135 bytes)
Bauer, Anton Linz, Austria c.1903-1905 harp guitar
Bauer, C. F.

Collector Rainer Krause says that Bauer worked for a time for Stauffer, and this instrument was likely built between 1840 and 1850.

Klingenthal (Saxonia) c.1840-1850 harp guitar bauer-krause-s.jpg (38955 bytes)
Bauer, Matthäus Vienna 1836-? harp guitar
Bay State (John C. Haynes Co. brand name) Boston c.1894 harp guitar bay_state-stutzman-doan-s.jpg (19386 bytes)
Behee, Joseph H.
Special Feature!
Kansas City, MO c.1907-1917 hollow arm guitars (lyre form, but called "harp guitar")
Berardi, Angelo Missoula, Montana 1922 harp guitar
Beuscher, P. Paris 1920s? harp guitar
Biancato, A.

114 rue de la marlière

Mouscron, Belgium

1900 harp guitar
Biehl, Tony Davenport, IA 1894-1904 harp guitars
Birrer, John B. Newton, KS 1894 hollow arm guitar patent
Bittner, David


Studied violinmaking under Wilhelm Rupprecht. His single extant harp guitar is based on a Scherzer 10-string.

Vienna 1846-1887 harp guitar
Body, Otto (1835-) Innsbruck c.1880 harp guitar
Bohmann, Joseph (1848-1928)

Special Feature!

Chicago, IL 1876-1930 harp guitars, sympathetic string instruments bohmann-form4b-ebay.jpg (12213 bytes) bohmann-1-ford.jpg (8693 bytes) Bohmann1-chinery.jpg (44094 bytes) American_Conservatory-washburncatalog.jpg (9872 bytes)
Boothe, Albert Colfax, IA 1928 harp guitar-zither hybrid patent
Braun & Hauser Munich c.1913 harp guitar
Brawer, Anton . 1863 harp guitar
Brenes, Leonardo Costa Rica c.1950 hollow arm guitar brenes-ebay-s.jpg (24682 bytes)

Breyer Hermanos

A publisher of tango sheet music and also a music store


Buenos Aires c.1910-1920 harp guitar
Brock, Alfred Stockholm, Sweden 1910 false Swedish lutes
Brown, Carl

See The Birth of the American 12-string Guitar

Columbus, Ohio 1896 patent for "harp guitar" in name only 568,108.gif (3493 bytes)
Brückner, Fritz Arnold Markneukirchen 1930s? harp guitars
Brünn, Josef Lidl Mähren, Germany . theorboed lute-guitar
Bruno (Bruno & Sons)
This company offered unique harp guitars with doubled courses on the neck - most commonly standard "12-string guitar" configuration, but also with 10 strings-on-the-neck (just 4 lower courses doubled). -GM
. . harp guitars Bohmann1-chinery.jpg (44094 bytes)
Buchsteiner, Helmut . 1985 harp guitars
Calace . . hollow arm mandolins (harp and lyre forms)
Candi, Cesare

Cesare Candi was an important  musical instrument maker who worked in the last quarter of the 19th century up to well in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. Besides instruments of the violin family he made excellent mandolins and guitars (6-string and models with additional bass strings) in the Italian style and tradition.
Cesare Candi was born in 1869 in Bologna and was trained there as a musical instrument maker in the atelier (workshop) of Raffaele Fiorini. Giovanni Antonioni states further in his reference  book ‘Dizionario dei costruttori di strumenti a pizzico in Italia’, (published by Turris, 1996) that Cesara Candi moved to Genoa in 1888, where he first had a workshop in the ‘Piazza Sarzano No. 26’ that later moved to the ‘Via Porta Soprana No. 9’ address.
Cesare Candi was awarded several honorable prizes, like the 1st prizes in 1892 at the exhibitions in Genoa and Bologna, and the 1st prize in Cremona in 1937. It is believed that the Candi atelier manufactured about 100 guitars, 29 lutes and 100 mandolins.
Cesare Candi died in Genoa in 1947.
-Alex Timmerman

Genoa, Italy 1890's-19? harp guitars, chitarpa (both non-harp guitar and true harp guitar forms)

The latter 3 may have been built in conjunction with his brother below

genoa-4w.jpg (119289 bytes) candi,1933-giordano-s.jpg (11492 bytes) chitarpa-s.jpg (46389 bytes)candi_pedestal-giordano.jpg (132177 bytes) chitarpa-boni.jpg (122877 bytes)
Candi, Oreste

Born Nov. 27, 1865, Oreste was the brother of Cesare, above.

Genoa, Italy 1890's-19? harp guitars genoa-13i2.jpg (104209 bytes)  
Caron France 1784,1785 hybrid harp-guitar-like instrument caron_decacorde-c.YaleUniversityCollectionofMusicalInstruments,Alex Contreras-s.jpg (20279 bytes)
Carlson, G. A. Chicago, IL c.1900 harp guitar G.A.Carlson,Chicago.-mayersky-s.jpg (27792 bytes)
Catania, Carmelo (& Co.)

Catania's fanciful harp guitar graphic used as his logo may have been a real instrument!  One very similar was found. 
See Carmelo Catania: From Iconography to Reality

Italy ?-1939 harp guitar design, harp guitar catania,restored-krause-t.jpg (52200 bytes)
Cera, Giovanni & Rino Melbourne, Australia c.1946 harp mandolin and harp guitar cera_harpmando-museumvictoria-s.jpg (22676 bytes) cera_hg-museumvictoria.jpg (41629 bytes)
Chiara . . harp guitar
Cochran, C. Muncie, Indiana c.1900 harp guitar cochran-stutzman-doan-s.jpg (26698 bytes)
College Line (see Lyon & Healy)
Coulter, Frank Evans
See Blog Series
Portland, OR c.1915-1920s harp guitars coulter2b-riley.jpg (176735 bytes) coulter-ebay-7-11.jpg (59594 bytes)
Crafton (brand) Gothenburg, Sweden c.1950 false Swedish lute
Dahlmann Manufacturing Co., Henry

Founded in 1893 in St. Paul, MN by Henry Dahlman, Swan H. Peterson, L.H. Lundgren, Peter Dahlman, and Amos C. Sardeson. By 1895 they had re-located to Minneapolis and still listed there in 1899. - Michael Holmes

Minneapolis, MN 1893-1899+ harp guitar patent and instruments Dahlman_patent,1892.jpg (9948 bytes) dahlman-stutzman.jpg (72739 bytes)
De Barbieri, Paolo Genoa, Italy c.1920 harp guitar de_barbieri-miner.jpg (260928 bytes)
Deleplanque, Gerard J.

Gerard J. Deleplanque from Lille, France, was a maker of citterns; he has a surviving arch-cittern with a keyed box system from 1792. But some ten years before that, in 1782 he built a ten stringed guitar. - Stephen Sedgwick

Lille, France . harp guitar dyer-miner.jpg (30108 bytes)
Detmering, J.Ch. (established in 1858) Hamburg . harp guitar
Dietrich, Horst . . harp guitar
DiMauro . . harp guitar
Dominguez, Manuel Buenos Aires 1920 harp guitar
Dworan, August Vienna 1908 harp guitar
Dyer & Bro., W.J. Special Features (also see Iconography: Larsons and A Dyer Detective Story) St. Paul, MN 1871-1939 harp guitars and hollow arm mandolin family dyer-miner.jpg (30108 bytes)
Egildo, Emanuele . 1926 harp guitar
Enzensperger (Enzensberger, Enzersberger), Bernard I (1788-1865)

Bernard I was taught by Georg Thir in Vienna. In 1812 he opened a workshop of his own. He was preoccupied with acoustic studies. In 1831 he had the so-called acoustic guitar patented, after which he chiefly made guitars and zithers.

Vienna 1819-1865 harp guitar
Enzensperger (Enzensberger, Enzersberger), Bernard II (1829-1896)

Bernard II also built harp guitars, resulting in some confusion about dates.

Vienna 1865-1896 harp guitar
Eroshkin (Yeroshkin), Mikhail Vasillievich (1870-1922) Ryazan, Russia 1908 harp guitar eroshkin-oleg.jpg (51041 bytes)
Espana Finland 1970s hollow-arm guitars
Favilla Bros

See Blog Feature

New York c1910 harp guitar favilla-char-s.jpg (33611 bytes)
Feilnreiter . . harp guitar
Ferrari, Gianbattista

10-string guitar model by "built in Modena in the years 1853-1883." - "Classical Guitar in Russia and the Soviet Union" by Yablokov

Modena c.1853-1883 harp guitar  
Fievez, F. (unknown if the builder or a repairer)

This instrument is an 18th century 10-string guitar, with 10 single string courses. It pre-dates the Carulli-era 10-string guitar and must have co-existed with the very earliest 6-course guitars invented. - Len Verrett
Only two archi-guitars on this type are reported, and no other instruments by  Fieviz are known in private or public collections. - Jean Michel Renard
Note it's similarity to the Deleplanque instrument above, from the same city and period. - GM

Lille, France 18th century harp guitar
Fischer, Anton

As mentioned in Makarov's Memoirs, Fisher's name was given as the best guitar maker in Vienna (as Staufer the elder had stopped making guitars in 1848), and Makarov had a 9-string guitar built.  He decided that Scherzer's were better.

Vienna c.1852 harp guitar  
Fisher, Carl New York, NY c.1902 harp guitar
Forg, Josef  Munich c.1930 harp guitar
Fuchs, Heinrich Munich c.1924 harp guitar, theorboed lute-guitar
Funk, Charles Missouri 1904 harp guitar sub-bass pitch-changing patent 766,339.jpg (17035 bytes)
Fürst, Hans Mittenwald . harp guitar
Gallegos, Don Jose

See Blog Feature
This is the "Guitarpa" displayed at the Great Exposition in London in 1851, which scholars have speculated might have influenced the designs of the mandolins and harp guitars of Orville Gibson. - GM

. 1851 harp guitar guitarpa,lp.jpg (138246 bytes)
Galimberti, Luigi

His instruments are labeled "Antonio Monzino & Figli"or "Monzino e Garlandini Milano" (sold through the Monzino & Sons shop)

Milan 1910-1930 harp guitar, harp mandolins
Gallesi, G. Rome . harp guitar
Gamberini, Claudio

Gamberini ran the plucked stringed area of Mozzani's School-Workshop around 1930, then later joined Mozzani privately when the school closed. -GM

Bologna 1950 harp guitar
Gardelli, Federico (see Longobardi) Naples . hollow-arm mandolin
Garganese, Vito Monopoli, Italy 1915 harp guitar
Gaskins, Claude H.

Only one instrument similar to this patent drawing is known - made by Martin (see Martin). - GM

Shamokin, PA 1895 hollow arm mandolin (harp form)
Gazzo, Settimio (Genoa, 1851-1923)
Special Feature!
(fanciful Italian guitars-on-a-stand which Pasquale Taraffo played)
Genoa, Italy 1900's - 1923 harp guitars
Geipel, Reinhold Fleissen, Bohemia . harp guitars  
Geittner, Wilhelm Breslau
(Wrozlaw, Silesia)
c.1845 harp guitar geittner-zaczek-s.jpg (20262 bytes)
Gelas . . harp guitar
Gelmini, Giovanni Italy 1844 harp guitar
GEWA Mittenwald c.1960 harp guitars
Giacinti, Adolfo

The label of 1st specimen reads: Fabbrica di Chitarre-mandolini, Mandole-luiti 
Strumenti ad Arco, Corde Armoniche Ed Accessori – Specialità in Mandolini Lombardi sistema napoletano
Strumenti per Solisti
-cambi e riparazioni-
MILANO - Via Bernardino Corio,1 -MILANO
-Benoît Meulle-Stef

Milan c.1930 harp guitar giacinti-miner.jpg (98336 bytes)

Gibson Special Feature!
  (also see the Gibson section of Iconography)

Kalamazoo, MI 1890-present harp guitars Gibson1-gruhn.jpg (10140 bytes) gibson_trio-miner.jpg (31001 bytes)

Gil, Manuel

Buenos Aires . harp guitar
Gindlesperger, John W.

Neither one of the two extant specimens are labeled.  The left specimen was sold on EBay as such, presumably with input from a vintage guitar expert.  The right specimen has a similar aesthetic and design in many ways and has a similar bridge.

Kansas City, MO 1898-1926+ harp guitars gindlesberger-ebay.jpg (20755 bytes)
Giulietti, Tullio (father)
Giulietti, Armando
(son: 1903-1990)

Their instruments were usually sold through the shop of Monzino & Sons.  Some instruments were built in collaboration with his father, Tullio. (thanks to Roger Belloni for information)

Milan c.1918-1938 harp guitars
Glaesel, Oscar Markneukirchen c.1920  harp guitar
Godone, Carlo Turin c.1800 hollow arm guitar 
Goldklang . . false Swedish lute, theorboed lute-guitar
Gordon, Hamilton

See Brown, Carl and
The Birth of the American 12-string Guitar

New York City 1897 "harp guitar" in name only Gordon,1897,Jun26-mtr.jpg (19131 bytes)
Gottsmann, Max Markneukirchen . harp guitar

The extant "basslaute" has a faded "Gotz" inscribed on the soundboard, but is not the Johann Götz of Viennese, ca. 1814-1827.

? . theorboed lute-guitar
Gould, H.Y. Tennessee 1911 harp guitar
Graslitz, Anton Hüller

The label inside shows "Bohmen" but then reads: "Anton Hüller Graslitz K& K Hoflieferant und Kammerlieferant Seiner K u. K Hoheit des hochw. durchlauchigsten Herrn Erzherzog Eugen v. Österreich"(Austria)

Bohemia? Austria? . harp guitar
Grauso, Antonio

192 Grand Street, New York, NY


New York c.1920 harp guitars
Grosjean, J. F.  . ca. 1840 "harp guitar" in name only (double harp-guitar)
Grunewald, Rene
(from 1896 Brown patent # 568,108)

An early predecessor of the American "12-string guitar"- called "harp-guitar" due to the extra tone and volume of the 4 doubled lower courses.
See The Birth of the American 12-string Guitar

New Orleans, LA c. 1896 "harp-guitar" in name only
Guadagnini, Gaetano Torino, Italy 1834-1839 harp guitars
Güttler, Franz Xav. Vienna 1908 harp guitar No image. 

7 sub-bass Viennese kontragitarre

Hagberg, John Tacoma, WA 1898 hollow arm guitar patent
Haid, Georg

1/20/1864-6/16/1851. Studied violinmaking under Ignaz J. Bucher.

Vienna 1896-1925+ harp guitar
Halbmeyer, F. (also spelled Halbmaier)


Munich c.1900-1908 harp guitars, quintbass, theorboed lute-guitars halbmeyer,Munich,1904-krause-s.jpg (37685 bytes)
Hammerschmidt, Karl (& Sons)     harp guitar hammerschmidt,karlandsons-schneiderman.jpg (81959 bytes)
Hammig, Friedrich Aug. Markneukirchen . harp guitar
Hansel, Carl Dresden 1842? harp guitar
Hansen, Hans J.

See America ’s First True Harp Guitar

Chicago, IL 1891 harp guitar patent and instrument hansen4-miner.jpg (63472 bytes)
Harlan, Peter Markneukirchen 1925 harp guitar
Harmony Chicago, IL 1892-1979 harp guitar Harmony-artnet3.jpg (12589 bytes)
Harwood ( J.W. Jenkins brand) 

Special Feature!

Kansas/New York? from 1885? harp guitars harwood-miner.jpg (31086 bytes)
Hartmann Bros. & Reinhard New York 1880-1901+ harp guitar
Hauser, Hermann I Munich c.1909-1915 harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars
Heerbeck, Hubert . . harp guitar
Heidegger, Eduard . . harp guitar
Heinel, Morik Markneukirchen . theorboed lute-guitar
Herrnsdorf, Paul

"Guitarren mit 4 Basssaiten" (no images) Source: Der Gitarrefreund

Markneukirchen c.1900-1901 harp guitar
Hess, Ernst Klingenthal . harp guitars
Hilanj, Franz

Hilanj made violins, zither and guitars. A schlagzither in the Leipzig museum is attributed to c.1845. Date of this harp guitar is unknown.

Wels, Austria c.1845-? harp guitar
Hinz, Richard . . harp guitar
Hoffman, Johann H. Stockholm, Sweden 1951 false Swedish lute
Hofner, Karl Bubenreuth, Germany 1952 harp guitars 13- and 15-string Bass-Guitarren
Höllinger, A. Kiel, Germany . theorboed lute-guitar
Holzapfel, Carl C. / Holzapfel & Beitel

See the George Dudley Feature and
The Birth of the American 12-string Guitar

Holzapfel was a German violin maker who made some Stella-like 12-string guitars alone and with his partner 

Baltimore c.1900 harp guitars dudley_hg2-renee_ball-s.jpg (30098 bytes)(< att)
Hopf . ?-1951 harp guitars
Hornsteiner, Adolf Mittenwald c.1950 harp guitars
House of Stathopoulo

See The House of Stathopoulo Harp Guitar
In 1917 Epi Stathopoulo began labeling instruments with the House of Stathopoulo brand.  In 1924 he introduced the Epiphone brand, and in 1928 the Epiphone company was born.

New York 1910 harp guitar
Howard ( Wurlitzer brand) . . harp guitar harwood-miner.jpg (31086 bytes)
Hoyer, Walter . . harp guitar
Hüller, Anton

Graslitz was a town in former "Boehmen" which belonged to Austria till 1918; then belonged to the new founded state of "Czecheslovakia" from 1918), Czech Republic (the actual name after splitting Czechia and Slovakia into two separate states in 1993). -Martin Albert

Graslitz  . harp guitar
Iucci, Michael 
A well known maker of banjos
New York c. 1910-1930 harp guitar
Jacob, Richard Leipzig c.1933-1948 harp guitars
Jenkins, G. Montreal, Canada c.1900 harp guitar jenkins,g-sigal-s.jpg (26568 bytes)
Jenkins Sons, J.W. (see Harwood, Washington) Kansas City, MO 1878-1902+ . .
Jerusalem, J.P. Germany c.1900 harp guitar
Jocomoni, Achille
("Achillo JOCOMO" on label)
Patent for this harp guitar taken out in 1897. Inst at left marked 5/1900. Inst at right suspected instrument by this maker.
Marseille, France est 1887-1940 harp guitars
Jühling, F. Dresden c.1911-1915 false Swedish lute
Kaltenbacher, E. . . harp guitar
Kellerman, A. Cologne . harp guitar
Kerschensteiner, Franz Xaver (1839-1935) Regensburg 1898-1935? harp guitars Kerschensteiner,Regensburg,c1920-krause-s.jpg (41715 bytes)
Klein, Max
Researcher Andreas Stevens identified this maker as the likely builder of the instrument at right.
Koblenz c.1930 harp guitar
Klingberg, C. H. (likely the repairer)

I now believe this to be a c.1840 Otto Selling instrument later repaired by Klingberg. -GM

Sweden 1886 harp guitar
Knudsen, Carl (c.1818-1869) Copenhagen, Denmark 1846-1869 harp guitar
Knutsen, Chris Special Site! Port Townsend, WA > Tacoma, WA > Seattle, WA > ? > Los Angeles, CA 1895-1930 harp guitars - Hawaiian guitars - mandolins, hollow arm guitars - mandolins - ukes (harp form)
Kochendörfer, Paul Stuttgard 1914-1923 harp guitar, theorboed lute-guitar
Konigs . . harp guitar
Kriner, Lorenz Stuttgart, Germany c.1870 harp guitar
Kruse, Wilhelm  Markneunkirchen c.1937 harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars, false Swedish lutes
Kunzmann, Johann Munich . harp guitar
Lacôte, René François
Special Feature!
Paris, France  1785-1855(?) harp guitars
Lagler, Johann Vienna 1852 harp guitar
Lakeside (see Lyon & Healy) . . . .
Lamblin Gent, Belgium 1807 harp guitar
Langecker, L. Munich 1927 harp guitar
Langer, Karl Vienna 1935 harp guitar
Larson, August & Carl 
(See Dyer, Leland, Mauer, Meyers, Stahl, Truax)
Chicago, IL 1901-1944 harp guitars larson-hartman.jpg (12579 bytes) larson2-chinery-bacon.jpg (27098 bytes)
Laurenti, Alfredo 

See Blog Feature

Italy 1938 hollow arm mandolin laurenti_harpmando-parker-s.jpg (24574 bytes)
Lecchi, Giuseppe

Lecchi was one of three students of the great luthier Cesare Candi. - Alberto Giordano

Genoa 1930 harp guitar lecchi-miner.jpg (114635 bytes)
Lederer, Horst . . harp guitar
Ledhuy, Adolph

Ledhuy called his triple-neck instrument the "Lyre-Organisée" (Organized Lyre).
See Blog Feature

France c.1800 harp guitar lyre-organisee-vulpiani-s.jpg (32692 bytes)
Leirolo, Angelo Genoa? 1920 harp guitar genoa8f.jpg (119415 bytes)
Leland, L. S. (Washburn brand. Possibly Larson built) Chicago, IL c.1912 harp guitar
Lemböck, Gabriel (1814-1892) Vienna 1840-1890 harp guitar
Levin, Herman C.

First based in New York, Levin patented a guitar & mandolin double-neck on Dec 21, 1897 (see Patents). He then relocated to Sweden where his company produced "Scholander-lutes" and harp guitars (information provided by Paul Holland).

New York > Sweden 1896-1930s harp guitars, false Swedish lutes
Light, Edward London, England 1798-c.1820 "harp-guitar" in name only (harp-lute family)
Livermore, Ernest N. (see also The Knutsen Archives) Port Townsend, WA 1896 hollow arm mandolin & violin (harp form) patents
Longobardi, Catello Schenectady, NY 1914 hollow arm mandolin (harp form) patent
Lotz, Robert Leipzig c.1820 harp guitar
Lüdemann, Julius

"Bassguitarren mit 4 bis 9 Kontrasaiten, Bassguitarren in Wappenform, Basslauten mit 4 bis 9 Kontrasaiten (no images). Source: Der Gitarrefreund

Cologne c.1911-1912 harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars  
Lührs, Johann Oldenburg, Germany 1922 Harfenlaute patent luhrs_patent-s.jpg (22392 bytes)
Luis, Harry G. San Quentin, CA 1917 harp guitar-mandolin patent
Lund, Lundfred (c.1800-c.1875) Copenhagen, Denmark 1844-1875 harp guitar
Lund, Thorvald (1876-1930) Copenhagen, Denmark 1917-1930 false Swedish lutes
Lyon & Healy

(American Conservatory, College Line, Lakeside, Washburn brands)
(See also Washburn)

See Featured Harp Guitar of the Month

Chicago, IL 1864-present harp guitars American_Conservatory1-dover.jpg (10191 bytes) American_Conservatory-washburncatalog.jpg (9872 bytes)
Maccaferri, Mario
Special Members Only Feature!
Italy > London > France > New York . harp guitars
Majestic - Puntolillo brandname . c.1920 harp guitar
Mannello, Angelo New York, NY 1886-1906 harp guitar Angello_Mandello,NY-mugwumps.jpg (11739 bytes)
Marchetti, Enrico  

An Italian violin builder from Milan, 1855-1930 - Peter Smolders

Turin, Italy 1884 harp guitar
Martin, Christian F. Nazareth, PA 1833-present harp guitars, hollow arm mandolin (harp form) martinharp10-frank ford.jpg (35732 bytes) Martin3-Claggett-Washburn&Johnston.jpg (12230 bytes) Martin2-Washburn&Johnston-b.jpg (25812 bytes) Martin1-longworth3.jpg (14887 bytes) martin_harpmando-schenkman-s.jpg (33769 bytes)
Martin, Jos. Würzburg . harp guitar
Masetti, Fratelli (Fratelli Brothers)

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Modena 1920s harp guitars masetti5-fetishguitars-s.jpg (22350 bytes)
Mast, Joseph . 1827 "harp guitar" in name only
Mattei, Bruno

Bruno built the "chitarpas" designed by Italo Meschi

Spezia, Italy 1911-1920s harp guitars
Maurer (harp guitars built by the Larsons) 

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Wisconsin 1880-1944 harp guitars maurer_pikasso-eguitars.jpg (8424 bytes) Maurer-silber3.jpg (10561 bytes) Maurer1-hartman.jpg (14122 bytes) maurer-anon.jpg (10575 bytes)
Mayflower Special Feature!

This brand name has a very convoluted history. Regardless, this harp guitar is believed to be Larson-built. 

Chicago 1904-? harp guitar
McVey, George J. Lincoln, NE 1918 hollow arm mandolin (harp form) patent and attributed instrument
Meinel, Adolph;

Meinel & Herold 

The M & H catalog pages are dated 1940.

. ?-1940 harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars
Meinel-Bartfritz, 1900

Unknown how this Meinel relates to the other.

. 1900 false Swedish lute
Mettal, Ignaz Schönbach (Bohemia) c.1900-1917, 1934? harp guitars
Meyers, H.F. (some or all believed to be Larson built) Chicago, IL c.1910 harp guitars meyers-momi.jpg (9537 bytes)
Moller, Johannes (1888-1963) Copenhagen, Denmark 1921-1963 false Swedish lutes
Montagna, Giulio Genoa 1931 harp guitar montagna-miner.jpg (46929 bytes)
Monzino, A. & Sons
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Milan . harp guitars, hollow arm mandolin (harp form) meyers-momi.jpg (9537 bytes) meyers-momi.jpg (9537 bytes) genoa8e.jpg (108065 bytes)
Moser, F.


. harp guitar
Mostböck, Otto Vienna 1925 harp guitar
Mouroux, Louis Seine, France 1959 harp guitar patent
Moutron Paris 1785 harp guitar .
Mozzani, Luigi (1869-1943)
Special Feature!

A celebrated Italian guitar virtuoso who some consider the Italian equivalent of Tarrega. Though he borrowed his basic designs from Schenck, I consider him the Italian Knutsen - a wild imagination with seemingly no two harp guitars alike!

Italy c.1910-1943 harp guitars, hollow-arm guitars and mandolins nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Müller, Josef     harp guitar
Müller, Karl Augsburg, Bavaria c.1904-1917 harp guitars
Musik-Union Vienna . harp guitar
Naderman, Jean-Henri
The well-known harp maker created what some historians consider the oldest surviving "harp guitar," but I consider it a lute-guitar hybrid.
Paris 1773 Bissex
Neuner & Hornsteiner Mittenwald 1912? harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars, false Swedish lutes
Nordwall, Aron Chicago, IL 1901 harp guitar patent nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Nowy, Franz Vienna mid-1900's harp guitars ?
Nowy, Michael
Vienna 1922 harp guitars Nowy,Michael,Wien,1920-krause-s.jpg (36383 bytes)

Nuñez, Francisco

Buenos Aires c.1910-1920 harp guitar
Obrecht, Josef Vienna 1936 harp guitar

Like many of the Lacote instruments, this instrument was modified by Coste.

harp guitar
Oscar Schmidt Company
(see also Stella and Sovereign)
Newark, NJ 1879-1978 harp guitars
Otwin (see Windisch, Otto) . . . .

Founded in 1848, the "k&"k" on the front of their catalog is denotes the "Hungarian-Austrian monarchy" that ended at the close of WW1 in 1918. -Christian Steinbrecher

Bohemia pre-1918 harp guitars, false Swedish lutes
Pacquet Marseille c.1784, 1774 "harp guitar" in name only (arpi-guitare), bissex bissex_pacquet-cite-musique-s.jpg (22787 bytes)
Pagani, O. & Bros.

Copied from, or built by, Puntolillo? 

New York City c.1920 harp guitar pagani-punt-aquino.jpg (81213 bytes)
Passarelli, Dominick A.  Danbury, CT 1917 harp guitar patent passarelli.jpg (40645 bytes)
Paulus, Adolf Koln 1924 theorboed lute-guitar
Perlgold (a division of Kurt Gropp Musical Instrument Company) Leipzig 1954 harp guitar
Pesenti, Marion & Capaccioni, Oreste Genoa 1911 harp guitar pesenti-miner.jpg (86031 bytes)
Pfretzschner, G. A. . . harp guitar
Poggi, Francesco
See The Harp Guitars of Settimio Gazzo
and Other Genoese Luthiers

For one of the most prolific followers (copyists) of Settimio Gazzo (who built Taraffo's instruments), it is surprising that nothing is known of Poggi.
Genoa c.1910-1920s harp guitars genoa-4k.jpg (82039 bytes) poggi-gambetta-s.jpg (22018 bytes) poggi-gosti-s.jpg (22432 bytes) 
Porto & Figli (Sons), Rosario

See Knutsen Patents

Sicily 1898-1903 hollow arm guitars, hollow arm mandolins
Prenosil, Otto Jihlava (now Czech Republic) 1943 harp guitars prenosil,otto,1943-schneiderman.jpg (85729 bytes)

Clearly influenced by Candi, nothing further is known of this fascinating maker.

Genoa 1920s harp guitars priano1-miner.jpg (69060 bytes) priano2-miner.jpg (96594 bytes) priano3-miner.jpg (105067 bytes)
Prisner, Josef Vienna 19-- harp guitar
Puntolillo, Gaetano F. (see Majestic brand) Naples/New York c.1920 harp guitar
Raab, Hans

This well known, highly regarded, and extremely prolific maker made "bass-guitars," "bogengitarres," "Nordic lutes" and even a lyre-guitar - of every possible design.

Munich c.1900-1917 harp guitars, false Swedish lute, lyre-guitar    
Ramirez, Manuel

According to scholar Stephen Sedgwick, Ramirez built at least one 9-string and one 11-string harp guitar (the latter barely discernible in the pictured shop window on the right). He adds that Segovia's famous Ramirez was originally an 11-string.

Spain c.1912 harp guitars
Ramqvist, A Söderbärke, Sweden 1897 harp guitar
Rapisarda, V. Italy 1936 harp guitar
Rastelli, Lodovico
(appears to be the remains of a double-neck with 3 sub-basses)
Genova, Italy 1866 harp guitar
Rauschmayr, Erich . . harp guitar
Raymond . . harp guitar nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Regal (Wulshner brand)

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. c.1900-1904 harp guitars nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Regal Manufacturing Co.

A split-off company of Wulschner. Other Wuslchner companies were also involved in the production of these instruments. See the Wulschner entries below.

Indianapolis, IN 1901-1904 .

harp guitars

nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Regal Musical Instrument Co.

The Regal brand and logo were sold to a new group of businessmen. Eventually that company produced its own, completely different harp guitars.

Chicago, IL 1908-1954 harp guitars, hollow arm mandolin nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Rehbach, Rudolf Nürnberg 1922 harp guitar patent
Reisinger, Ludwig (1863-?)

Reisinger is said to have helped modify the Scherzer 10-course harp guitar into the "Schrammel guitar" with up to 12 sub-basses.

Ludwig Reisinger was a student of Johann Bucher from 1877 to 1887. In his last year, 1887, he opened his own workshop in Vienna. His guitars followed the Stauffer method very closely, based upon the Luigini Legnani model guitar, still using the free floating adjustable neck. There are at least two known harp guitars made by Reisinger. He was a well respected late 19th century Viennese luthier who also made zithers and violins. - Stephen Sedgwick

Vienna 1887-1900 harp guitars
Rieche, J.R.  Denmark? . false Swedish lute
Ries (Riess), Nicolaus Georg (1790-1857) Vienna 1830-1858 harp guitar
Riva, Severino

His known harp guitar is labeled "Antonio Monzino & Figli" (sold through the Monzino & Sons shop)

Milan 1911 harp guitar
Rocca, Giuseppe  Turin 1853 harp guitar genoa-4y.jpg (83429 bytes)
Rosenberger-Margot, Jacob-Damien Lausanne, Switzerland 1894 harp guitar patent
Rottola, Innocente

His known harp guitar is labeled Antonio Monzino & Figli" (sold through the Monzino & Sons shop)

Milan 1906 harp guitar
Roudhloff, D.& A.

The brothers D.& A. Roudhloff were prolific makers in London who copied both the styles of Panormo and Lacôte with equal success. The "improved Melophonic Guitar" was a popular model offering two extra strings in the bass, a short playing stringlength of 599mm, and was built either with the traditional rosewood back and sides or in solid pine for the belly, back and sides. -Ian Watchorn

London c.1840 harp guitars
Savains Paris late 18th century harp guitar
Scanzoni, Giuseppe  Cantania 1895 harp guitar
Schandl, Karl Mittenwald . harp guitar
Schenk (Schenck), Friedrich (c.1800-c.1865)

Schenk, whose father was a guitar player and teacher, was a disciple of Johann Georg Staufer. The "lyra" form (far left) was built for the Vienna World Exhibition in 1839. He also may have made the first "bogenguitarres" (the hollow bass arm and headstock forms). Both of these incredible designs directly influenced Mozzani decades later.  He also built the 10-course invention (far right) of Croatian guitarist Ivan Padovec in 1841.

Vienna c.1836-1850's harp guitars nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes) nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes) nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Scherr, Emilius Nicolai (1794-1874) Philadelphia, PA 1831 "harp guitar" in name only
Scherzer, Johann Gottfried (1802-1870)

Scherzer was known to have won first prize for ‘best guitar’ at the celebrated guitar competition in Brussels 1852 organized by Makaroff.
Revered especially in Russia during the late 19th century Scherzer has remained relatively unknown to modern guitar enthusiasts. Although there are few surviving instruments, his reputation is due for re-examination. Having had the pleasure of studying many of the known examples of his work I feel he should be regarded amongst the very finest guitar makers of all time. The celebrated guitarist, Mertz, is known to have used Scherzer guitars. - Gary Southwell

Vienna 1852-1870 harp guitars nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Schlesinger, Adolf Vienna , harp guitar
Schlägel, Emil Markneunkirchen 1932 harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars, false Swedish lutes
Schmidbauer, Jakob


. harp guitar
Schmidt, Oscar (see Oscar Schmidt Company) . . . .
Schulz (Schultz), August Nuremberg c.1903-1917 harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars
Schuster, Carl Gottlob . 1824 (birth date?) harp guitar
Schuster, Heinr. Moritz Markneukirchen 1925? harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitar, false Swedish lute
Schuster, L. P.

"Bassguitarren" (no image)  Source: Der Gitarrefreund

Markneukirchen c.1910-1911 harp guitar  
Schuster Brothers (Gebrüder Schuster) 

Founded in 1854. One of the guitar brand names was "Cid." -Christian Steinbrecher

Markneukirchen c.1920s harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars
Schuster & Co. Markneukirchen ? harp guitars, false Swedish lutes
Seboldt, Felix Munich c.1920s harp guitars nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)
Selling, Otto Fredrik

Otto Fredrik Selling lived and was active as a luthier in Stockholm during the 3rd quarter of the 19th century. He made both guitars and bowed instruments and there are indications that he made pianos too.  Three 6-string guitars and four preserved bass-guitars (three 10-string examples and one 12-string example) by Selling are known. Otto F. Selling build his guitars in the Viennese style but differ from those made by other makers through small details, like beautifully carved wood on the bridge. An eye-catching aspect of the Selling guitar is the long characteristic headstock with carved sideward violoncello scroll that carries back-standing tuning pegs. This is seen on five of the seven known guitars by Otto Frederik Selling.  -Alex Timmerman

Stockholm, Sweden c.1850-1875 harp guitars
Selmer (see Maccaferri) France . . .
Shaeffer, Arling Chicago 1890-1912+ harp guitar patent, Shaeffer lutes
Shutt, Albert Topeka, KS c.1912-1963 harp guitars Shutt-cadenza.jpg (13588 bytes) 
K. F. Simon & Co.
Known label reads "Manufacturers of and
dealers in the Celebrated Almcrantz guitars and all kinds of musical instruments" (see Almcrantz)
. c.1900? harp guitar
Simon, Mathias Mittenwald . harp guitar

Part of the MUSIMA group; produced instruments until the mid-1990s. -Christian Steinbrecher

Markneukirchen / Klingenthal ? harp guitars, theorboed lute-guitars
Sovereign ( Oscar Schmidt brand) . until 1935 harp guitars stahl_new_concert-catalog.jpg (9990 bytes)
Stahl, William C. (harp guitars built by the Larson brothers) Milwaukee, WI 1903-1925+ harp guitars stahl_new_concert-catalog.jpg (9990 bytes)
Stark, Paul Markneukirchen 1893? harp guitars
Stauffer (Staufer), Johann Georg (1778–1853)
See Blog Feature

Both spellings were used by the maker himself.
 A double-necked guitar (Doppelgitarre) made in 1807 was not a harp guitar. See Stauffer & Co (2011) for the latest information.
Vienna 1800-1853 harp guitars  
Stauffer (Staufer), Johann Anton (1805–1871)

Son of the famous J. G. Staufer, J.A. may have had more to do with the training of the guitar pupils, like harp guitar makers Scherzer and Schenk.  He also built (or sold) nearly all of the Staufer harp guitars. Certain pictured specimens at right may be suspect.

Vienna 1833-1840s harp guitars
Stella ( Oscar Schmidt brand) . until 1935 harp guitars stahl_new_concert-catalog.jpg (9990 bytes)
Sterling . . harp guitar stahl_new_concert-catalog.jpg (9990 bytes)
Stewart (fancy Wurlitzer brand?) . . harp guitar stahl_new_concert-catalog.jpg (9990 bytes)
Stecher, Josef Salzburg . harp guitar
Stochholm, Peder (1843-1921) Copenhagen, Denmark 1903-1921 false Swedish lutes
Stöhr, Carl St. Pölten, Austria . harp guitar
Stöhr, Franz Wiener Neustadt, Austria 1934 harp guitar
Strobel, Fritz Klingenthal 1930s harp guitar
Stumcke, Charles

This little known American maker copied Scherr's well-known "patent harp-guitar" of the 1830s.

Boston c.1853 harp-guitar in name only

Brand name of Sears Roebuck & Co, possible made by Harmony

Chicago c.1915-1930s harp guitar
Swozil (Swosil), Josef

Swosil was likely a pupil of Scherzer and built a number of these instruments with 13 strings. The guitar played by Strohmayer in the Schrammel Quartet photos is by Josef Swosil, Vienna 1879 and is preserved in the collection of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg . -Ian Watchorn

Vienna 1879+ harp guitars
Tannhauser . . harp guitar
Tabbert, Henry G.

According to, the label reads:
Made By Henry G. Tabbert
Maker of Mandolins and Guitars
Dec. 31, 1900 Cleveland, Ohio

Cincinnati, OH 1900 harp guitar
Theophano . . theorboed lute-guitars
Thibouville-Lamy & Co., Jérome Paris c.1900 harp guitar
 Thiphanon, Jean-François Paris 1780 Bissex
Thomsen, Anders (1911-1996) Copenhagen, Denmark 1936-1996 harp guitar
Thorel Mirecourt . harp guitar
Tiefenbrunner, Georg (1811-1880?) Munich c. 1880 harp guitar
Tieri, Raffaele (possibly repairman only) New York, NY c.1920s harp guitars lion-doctorow.jpg (13466 bytes)
Tittmann, Otto . . theorboed lute-guitar
de Torres, Antonio (1817-1892)

A total of three 11-course harp guitars are known by this famed maker of Spanish guitars. - Stephen Sedgwick 

. 1884 harp guitars
Tosi Music Company 63 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass c.1900s harp guitar
Tournier, Joseph Alexis Paris 19th century harp guitar
Towell, Thomas E. Arkansas 1941 harp guitar patent
Trapp, Hermann Germany/Bohemia c.1905 harp guitars Trapp,Wildstein,1907-krause-s.jpg (36007 bytes)
Truax Adjustable Bridge Co (possibly made by Larson) Battle Creek, MI c.1902 harp guitars Truax,1907-cadenza.jpg (35494 bytes)
Turturro, Nicola New York City 1905-1909 harp guitar attachment patent 937121.jpg (90637 bytes)
Uhlmeyer, Leo

Image of Uhlmeyer's shop here.

. c.1900 harp guitar
Vallejo, Rafael Granada 1789-92 harp guitar
Ventura, Enrico  Genoa? 1900s harp guitar ventura-miner.jpg (97108 bytes)
Vinaccia, Pasquale & Sons Naples 1883 harp guitar vinaccia-miner.jpg (102363 bytes)

Unknown is this is an original 7th floating string.

Naples 1900 harp guitar
Vissenaire Lyon 1825 harp guitar
Vizzari, A Milan c.1920s harp guitar
Voight, Armin E. Markneukirchen c.1910 harp guitars, false Swedish lutes
Volkman, Anton . . harp guitar
Volkmar Scherzer Markneukirchen c.1930 harp guitar
Wach, Michael

"Kontra-Bassguitarren" (no image, claims a patent on this)  Source: Der Gitarrefreund

Munich c.1905-1909 harp guitars
Waldo Manufacturing Co. Saginaw, MI 1891-1903+ harp guitar
Walthari Germany 1900s harp guitar
Washburn (Lyon & Healy brand) . 1883-1928 harp guitars, hollow arm guitars (lyre form) wurlitzer-mid20s-mugwumps.jpg (11663 bytes) wurlitzer-mid20s-mugwumps.jpg (11663 bytes) wurlitzer-mid20s-mugwumps.jpg (11663 bytes)

According to Mugwumps, a J.W. Jenkins brand (seen in the 1930 Tonk Bros catalog)

Kansas City, MO ?-1930 harp guitar
Wesely, Josef Vienna . harp guitar
Weymann & Son, H.A. Philadelphia, PA 1864-1940s harp guitars wurlitzer-mid20s-mugwumps.jpg (11663 bytes)
Wichard, Frank F. Benton, St. Louis, MO c.1884 harp guitar
Wichmann, Gottfried Magdeburg, Germany 1921 capo-system for harp guitars patent
Willadsen, Einar Copenhagen, Denmark 1898 false Swedish lute
Windisch, Otto (Otwin brand guitars)

No examples known. The 5 instruments pictured from existing catalogs, and 2 intriguing mentions of a "Lyra-Gitarre" and "Lyra-Mandoline" in his 1909 catalog. -Christian Steinbrecher

Markneukirchen 1909 harp guitar, theorboed lute-guitar, false Swedish lute, Tielke bass-lute, "Harp Lute"
Wiroso-Röthner . . harp guitar
Wichmann, Gottfried Magdeburg, Germany, Stettin, Germany 1920-1921 harp guitar capo system patent wichmann-s.jpg (32853 bytes)
Wohltat, Rudolf 
(or Wohlfahrt? Label hard to read)
Odrau, East Sudetenland 
(built in what became Czechoslovakia, and is now split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia)
. harp guitar
Wolfsecker, A. . . harp guitar
Wretling, Bo Stockholm, Sweden 1947 false Swedish lute
Wulshner & Son

There are three separate split-off companies of the original Emil Wulshner company. Strangely, the clues point to all three being involved in the production of the strange Regal harp guitars with the short bass strings. At least some of these instruments are believed to be Larson built.

Indianapolis, IN c.1899-1900 harp guitars nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)  (see Regal brand) 
Wulshner Music Company Indianapolis, IN c.1900 harp guitars nordwall_patent,1901.jpg (9617 bytes)  (see Regal brand) 
Wunderlich, Carl Anton Siebenbrunn (near Markneukirchen) 1938 harp guitar, theorboed lute-guitars
Wurlitzer, Rudolph Cincinnati, OH 1856-1940s harp guitars wurlitzer-mid20s-mugwumps.jpg (11663 bytes)


. . harp guitar
Zalud, Pavel Terezín, Czechoslovakia c.1900 harp guitar
Zimmer, Max Nuremberg c.1910-1913 theorboed lute-guitar
Zimmermann, Julius Heinrich  Leipzig, St. Petersburg 1890s-1920s Russian & German harp guitars, false Swedish lutes, theorboed lute-guitars

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