Dear Forum members,

The forum is currently being archived and closed for new posts. It will be permanently retired in August, 2019. To ensure the legacy of the Forum, I have archived all posts and images, which will be available for research or other emergencies.

I REALLY appreciate those of you who will miss it, have participated and/or have offered to help. The harp guitar is now bigger than ever, there are hundreds of players discovering it and perhaps thousands before too long. With so many new internet options splitting the attention of the audience, our donor funds are much better spent on keeping the Gathering going and our Foundation business affairs in order, so that is where our efforts will be concentrated.

I will always be sharing new information on the site in updated articles, PDF articles, and my blog. All of you can always post comments on my blogs (and I hope you do!) to keep these topics alive. I also continue to post many incidental things of interest on my Facebook page (but sometimes not publicly, so please "friend request" me if interested!).

Im gratified to have been the creator & webmaster for this Forum that has provided a springboard to the past, present & the promising future of the harp guitar! Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed & participated in it. Please feel free to stay in touch via email, letter or Facebook.


Gregg Miner

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