The 10th Harp Guitar Gathering 

November 2, 3 & 4, 2012

Schedule of Events

The Uptown Theater
120 E. Main Street
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

Blog report 
by Gregg Miner

HGG10: T minus 2 Days

HGG10: T minus 1 Day

HGG10: T minus 1 Night

HGG10: Day 1!

HGG10: Evening 1

HGG10: Day 1 Catch-up

HGG10 Day 2: Surprise No.1

HGG10: Surprise No.2

HGG10: Oleg Timofeyev and the Russian Harp Guitar

HGG10: The Return of Moheji!

HGG10: Keith Medley and his 27-string Harp Guitar

HGG10: The Luthier Panel

HGG10: Saturday Night Concert

HGG10: Saturday Night into the Wee Hours

HGG10: Sunday Morning Madness

HGG10: Surprise No.3

HGG10: Sunday Afternoon Concert

HGG10: Closing Night Party

HGG10: The Monday Morning Bittersweet Blues

Yall Come Back Now, Heah?!


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