The Fifth Annual Harp Guitar Gathering
October 27-28, 2007

Party Time!

Sunday Night Wrap Party at Stephen and Linda's...

Five years!  Time for a cake...with this year's logo
The Board of the Harp Guitar Gathering For some reason, Chairman Bennett insisted that the pope do the honors.
Steve Sedgwick with Hazel (girlfriend) and Stephanie (mother) Frank and Christa corner Don Alder
Will Bennett (Carol Hartman, with Stacy Hobbs and girlfriend Susan behind) Why does everyone always hang out in the kitchen?
Opposite the kitchen is a great greatroom.  That's Carter Lancaster's wife Irma at right Kathy Wingert, Linda and Steve Warburton from Canada
Gregg and Carter Gregg and Stacy.  It's not what you think
Gregg and Katja.  It is what you think (well, I wish) Muriel, Andy & Kitty Wahlberg
Bedroom jam ...getting wilder
Don & John Katja, Tone, Andy, Gregg, Mike Dave Evans
  Roger Toye from England Joe tries Wingert HG#2...
...then hands off to SB... ...who gives Brad's chord-change skills a workout... one could pry it out of Stephen's hands...(stay tuned!) Living room jams
Andy captivates his audience...
...until Gregg suggests Christa teach the group her Halloween song:
Have you seen the ghost of John?
Long, white bones, with the flesh all gone
Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?
Gregg and Mike try to out-scare the other...

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