The Fifth Annual Harp Guitar Gathering
October 27-28, 2007

Saturday Night After Hours

Saturday Night After Hours at the Hotel Common Room...

Stephen, Andy Don, John, Carter, Brad
The two Nates (Blaustein, Hagen) Andy and Dan
Linda and Jaci Kitty and Linda
Bill Adams and Muriel Tone and Steve
Gregg, Nancy, Andy Karen, Paul
Steve, Hazel John, Tom
Ben and his incredible new Mozzani-inspired creation Stephen and same Why settle for a single "artist endorsement" photo op - Rich Mermer waited until we all drove it (well there were 3 string banks!)
Stephen, Karen, Paul Andy
Stacy Joe, Andy, Dan
Dave Evans, Gregg Miner (say "Sad Pig Dance") Roger Toye, Rich Wortzel (with Rich's new Doolin)
Dennis, Frank Nancy, Andy, Mike Joe in his traditional end-of-night duties

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