The Fifth Annual Harp Guitar Gathering
October 27-28, 2007

Casual Time

HGG5 was the year of the moms!
Stephen with Judy
Andy with Elsa Gregg with Vivian (and dad, Bob, plus wife Jaci Rohr)
First meet-up: Friday AM
Jaci, Anthony Powell, Benoit, Kathy Wingert, Gregg, Linda and Joe Morgan, Christa Percival (Frank's wife), Brad Hoyt, Frank, Dave Powell
Brad, Dave, Jaci, Anthony (Tone), Ben
Williamsburg Library lobby:  The two Lindas man the sales tables. Linda Morgan and Linda Schaffner (Bennett)
Lots of lobby hanging...Joe Morgan, Steve Sedwick, Dan LaVoie, Steve's squeeze Hazel Andreas David (from Berlin), Andy McKee, Steve Segdwick
Lobby displays, courtesy of SB and the Pope
Auditorium: Dan and Andy Rich Mermer, Katja and Andreas
Green room: G, SB and Joe
Final breakfast Monday AM, with much of the gang...

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