The 6th Annual Harp Guitar Gathering

Favorite Moments and Photo Album

Events Below

October 11-12, 2008

at beautiful Marylhurst University, Portland, Oregon

Hosted by Mike Doolin

with Nancy Conescu

Scheduled Performers, Presenters & Builders:

Don Alder
Muriel Anderson
Jason Carter
Kerry Char
Nancy Conescu
John Doan
Mike Doolin
Michael Dunn
Jeffrey Elliott
Jean Cammon Findlay
Harry Fleishman
Robert Hartman
Stacy Hobbs
Brad Hoyt

Carter Lancaster
Benoît Meulle-Stef
Rich Mermer
Gregg Miner

Duane Noble
Dave and Tone Powell

Stephen Sedgwick
Jeff Titus
Andy Wahlberg
Kathy Wingert

Jim Worland
and many more!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

  Saturday Morning Session: Harp Guitars, Past, Present & Future The Year in Review
 - Gregg Miner

  Knutsen & Dyer Updates
- Gregg Miner  with special guests Jean Cammon Findlay and Robert Carl Hartman

Bob and Gregg compare their newly acquired  "3/4 size" Dyer and Knutsen harp guitars.

Jean Findlay unearthed more relatives and Knutsen family genealogy.


Panel: The Making of Harp Guitar Dreams
- Gregg Miner (producer), with Muriel Anderson, Andy Wahlberg, Don Alder, Jeff Titus, Carter Lancaster, Pete Bradshaw, John Doan and Frank Doucette (creative assistant)


  Harp Guitar Through The Ages - A Historical Demonstration and Instrument Display
- John Doan
Vihuela Lute Theorbo
Baroque Guitar Edward Light Harp-Lute-Guitar Harpolyre
Gibson Harp Guitar Sullivan-Elliott Concert Harp Guitar With Ken Culver on an original Gibson F5 playing turn-of-the -century harp guitar music


Don and Nancy Stacy and John Pete and Bill
John Thomas and Bob Hartman John Thomas with his new Style 7 Carol and Bob Hartman

The sales girls (Susan, Jaci, Linda) scratch each others' backs Andy Wahlberg and Nancy Conescu show off Nancy's new Doolin Electric R&B HG! Duane Noble and Stacy Hobbs with a couple of Nobles Jose and Frank

  Saturday Afternoon Session: The Players
  Player's Round Robin
- Open to all

Nate Blaustein Norm LeDonne Bill Storms
  Bruce Labadie and Andy Wahlberg Steve Bissell Tim Bertsch
Jose Luis Garmenzzi Mike and Andy, aka Paul and John, sing Ticket to Ride (Dennis Merrill and Nancy provide audience lyrics)

  Special Performances: Harp Guitar Duets and Collaborations
- Various Artists, hosted by Mike Doolin
Mike Doolin and friend Muriel and John
Muriel and Stacy Muriel and Andy
Brad and Don Jeff and Gregg

  Arranging Popular Tunes for Harp Guitar
- hosted by Andy Wahlberg, with Stacy Hobbs, Muriel Anderson and John Doan

  Advanced Harp Guitar Techniques
Don Alder Jason Carter Carter Lancaster
Jeff Titus Dave Powell Stacy and Jeff in the world's first stereo performance of Because It's There


Evening Concert

Nancy Conescu as harp guitar Don Alder
Muriel Anderson Pete Bradshaw Jason Carter


John Doan Mike Doolin Stacy Hobbs


Brad Hoyt Carter Lancaster Gregg Miner


Dave and Tone Powell Jeff Titus Andy Wahlberg


Water is Wide Finale, led by Andy Wahlberg




Saturday Night

(we got kicked out of Nate's room, and nearly got him arrested)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

  Sunday Morning Session: The Builders
  Luthiers Forum
- hosted by Mike Doolin
L-R: Mike Doolin, Jim Worland, Michael Dunn, Benoît Meulle-Stef, Duane Noble, Anthony Powell, Mike Brittain, Steve Sedgwick, Rich Mermer, Kathy Wingert (not shown) Mike Benoît
Duane Kerry Kathy Michael Jim
Stephen Rich Anthony Mike

  The First Modern Harp Guitar: Creating the Sullivan/Elliott 20-String Concert Harp Guitar
- Jeff Elliott and John Doan

  Party at Mike & Nancy's
We let the non-HGs come at the parties...  

Best parties are always in the kitchen

Rich Mermer gets sentimental with Don
Stacy, emotional is his own way... Gregg gets stereo British accents from Steve and Jason Kerry Char, Nancy and Tom Noe with Stacy
Gregg tells Jason the earring's gotta go The girls (Jaci, Susan and Linda) spent the party doing the accounting. They still aren't speaking to us...

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