WILLIAMSBURG, VA  October 30 through November 1st, 2009



Photo by Linda Morgan, All other photos copyright Chuck Thompson, unless other photographer is listed in file name


Special Halloween Night Extravaganza!

Captions by Gregg Miner

costumes_sb,taylor-morgan.jpg (89965 bytes)
Stephen Bennett came as his own great-grandfather, with "sexy pirate" Susan Taylor

The pope came as, what else...?
With Bruce Labadie
costumes_labadies,pope-morgan.jpg (81760 bytes)
Is nothing sacred?
Bruce (monk) and Cindi (nun) Labadie
costumes_morgans-morgan.jpg (93595 bytes)
Joe  Morgan (stage manager) and Linda Morgan (staff)
costumes_doolin-morgan.jpg (97064 bytes)
Linda kindly swapped skirts with Ms. Mike Doolin
costumes_hartman-morgan.jpg (97854 bytes)
Bob Hartman as Sherlock Holmes, still searching for Dyer clues...
costumes_wahlbergs-morgan.jpg (89369 bytes)
Andy and Kitty Wahlberg, both equally fetching

Stacy Hobbs, painted by Susan Taylor
costumes_doucette-morgan.jpg (72757 bytes)
Frank Doucette as "Boris the Spider" with wife Christa Percival as Little Miss Muffet
\costumes_worlands-morgan.jpg (66512 bytes)
Jim and DeAnn Worland

Viking Rick Wortzel

costumes_takai-morgan.jpg (68146 bytes)
Featured Guest Hirokatsu Takai even got into the act.

The real fun was seeing the costumed performers onstage... Joe Giacoio singing and playing in a penguin suit.... Brad Hoyt as Indiana Jones 
See the Video!
Stephen Bennett as his great-grandfather...
See the Video!
...and Matt Thomas as Stephen Bennett 
See the Duet with SB!
Video 2
          Video 3
Frank Doucette: 6 hands are better than 2 Carter Lancaster as a "defeated Ninja" 
See Video 1
             Video 2
I got rid of my robes to do a song as Droopy Dog 
See the Video!
John Doan as Jimi Hendrix (though "Michael Jackson" got more votes) Andy did the entire Bohemian Rhapsody in full minstrel attire 
See the Video!
Not to be outdone by the master showman, I came back out at David Crosby 
See the Video!
Stacy Hobbs Andreas David & Katja Brauneis
Bad Drew Baldwin & Juke Joint Johnny Featured Guest Hirokatsu Takai
See Video 1
         Video 2
Stephanie Jackson
See the Video!

              Sunday Performances (street attire)

Jason Carter
See Video 1
         Video 2
Andy Wahlberg
See the Video!
Rex James (Dave & Tone Powell)
See the Video!
Brad Hoyt
See the Video!
Pete Bradshaw Gregg Miner Matt Thomas Stephen Bennett

Workshops and Features of the Weekend
Jason Carter Close Up

Matt Thomas Close Up 

Blues Harp Guitar with Drew Baldwin & Juke Joint Johnny

Hirokatsu Takai

Luthier’s Forum

Hosted by Rich Mermer

benoit1.jpg (38937 bytes) hg1.jpg (42861 bytes) mermer2.jpg (43711 bytes) hg7.jpg (47789 bytes) hg6.jpg (55699 bytes)
Benoît Meulle-Stef Rich Mermer
evans1.jpg (40534 bytes) hg3.jpg (45085 bytes) doolin2.jpg (38240 bytes) hg2.jpg (46861 bytes) noble1.jpg (39178 bytes)
Dave Evans Mike Doolin Duane Noble
mitchell1.jpg (43639 bytes) hg4.jpg (35451 bytes) tone1.jpg (37632 bytes) worland1.jpg (33424 bytes)
Dennis Mitchell Tone and Dave Powell Jim Worland
brittain.jpg (54709 bytes) hg5.jpg (34732 bytes)
Mike Brittain
Recording the Harp Guitar

An interactive workshop with Kim Person  =

John Doan Workshop

Harp guitar technique with professor Doan

What’s New in Harp Guitar Scholarship

Knutsen and Dyer updates with Gregg Miner and Bob Hartman

Gonky’s Guitar

Stephen Bennett

What’s New at Gregg Miner's "State of the Union" address
The Harp Guitar Gathering Manifesto: Presented by Stephen Bennett and the HGG Board  

Behind the Scenes

and hanging out...

See the Video!

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tone2.jpg (44410 bytes) hobbs2.jpg (45868 bytes) 704307593_hg7-ct-0393.jpg (48798 bytes) hoyt1b.jpg (52353 bytes)
704308987_hg7-ct-0395.jpg (46004 bytes) schreiner1.jpg (51392 bytes) 704310146_hg7-ct-0397.jpg (47119 bytes) sales staff.jpg (51906 bytes)
powell2.jpg (40293 bytes) after hours2.jpg (58912 bytes) oorts1.jpg (50493 bytes) warburton1.jpg (38010 bytes)
704291710_hg7-ct-0370.jpg (48355 bytes) bennett1.jpg (46548 bytes) after hours1.jpg (55955 bytes)
bradshaw1.jpg (45698 bytes) wahlberg3.jpg (52651 bytes) giacoio1.jpg (43492 bytes)

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