The Dyer Harp Guitar Database

We have launched a long-term permanent project to help both Dyer owners, repairmen and reproduction builders.  Our starting point are the plans long available from GAL.  The continuation will be study of actual instruments.
Part 1: Table of Measurements:  Download this Excel spreadsheet and you can study the many subtle and major variations which we are logging on each Dyer specimen. 

Luthiers, restorers, and owners - WE NEED YOU!  Fill in all the details you can and email the file back to me for updating.

Part 2: X-rays.

Donated by guitarist, author, law professor and Dyer owner John Thomas, these stunning nearly full size images show hidden details.  Change your browser from "fit on screen" to expand these to full size, or download them for study.  Copyright John Thomas, All Rights Reserved.

Part 3: Restorations.  Here we will link to significant  web articles that chronicle restoration of these instruments.  If you are planning to do one, keep a photo record and share with us!

Don Druckenbrodt @ Nite Owl Guitars

Part 4: New Builds. Here we will link to significant  web articles that chronicle the building of reproductions following the GAL plans (to the letter, or as a guide).

Mike O'Melia (Luthiers Forum Membership required (free!)

Charles Hoffman

Leeds Guitar Making School

Part 5: Reference Photos.




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