This is the latest Dyer Style 8 to be discovered (a couple of months ago), one of two I mentioned in my sale listing for the other.   This one is #691 (one number after my own Style 8 ) and seemingly “standard issue” – until one gets to the lower bout.

What in the world?  This appears to be an overlay on top of the normal sides of the guitar, wrapping around the lower bout.  According to the owners and the restorer, the color and finish seem to match the rest of the instrument (i.e. “original”), and from inspection of the inside, there does not appear to be any signs of damage or any other anomalies warranting a “cover up.”  Perhaps there was some cosmetic blemish on the outside of the finished instrument, and the Larsons hit upon this novel twist (rather than replacing the entire sides)?  Or could it have been a deliberate design, perhaps a request from an overly-creative customer?

Perhaps we’ll never know.  I’ve certainly never seen anything like it!

This makes 12 Style 8’s with serial numbers known to date  (there may be others missing labels or numbers).

It’s been fully restored and is available for sale.