Harp guitarist Steve Bissell sent me this link to the photo at left, which I agreed was amazing!  His friend Rich Stanton took a series of pictures of Steve with his Dyer 8, did some modifications and entered this one in several competitions.

Steve adds “Rich blew the image up to something like 3’ x 4’ at a recent show and blew people away.  It’s hanging in his shop nearby so I’m going to go see it.  I saw it printed on canvas earlier and it really did look like an old Rembrandt.   Click on the slideshow at the link for some other treatments of the same image and related images, including some striking black-and-white images.”

And Rich writes “This photo won first price at the Oregon State Fair out of approx 2000 pictures.  It also won an honorable  mention internationally from the Photographic Society of America which only gave first, second, and third places and only 6 honorable  mentions for the entire world competition – approx. 1000 entries.”

Congratulations, Richard – It’s gorgeous!  I’ll add one more award:

Pope’s Pick for Best Harp Guitar Player Portrait of 2010