Milford, CT, Thanksgiving day, 2010: The small, intimate wedding originally envisioned by Stephen and Nancy Bennett (above, with Stephen’s mom Judith, Methodist minister, presiding) was destined to grow beyond mere family.  Along with Nancy’s extended family and also SB’s, in attendance were special friends from Connecticut and Virginia (and elsewhere), and even an honor guard of harp guitarists (and their spouses).

This included Jaci and I, Joe and Linda Morgan, and Andy and Kitty Wahlberg.

The boys did double duty as cheap musical labor, both during the ceremony and for hours afterward (along with Stephen’s brother Jim and his wife Denise, plus their piano teacher, Lise Zahn, and Nancy’s niece Emily).

Friday was an even bigger party and celebration when half of Connecticut appeared to show up – mingling outside in tents that were attached to the back of the house where the windows were opened to the piano and band area.  Andy led the hours of entertainment of course, with everyone joining in from time to time.

As you can imagine, I was not about to let the happy couple off without a second ceremony and blessing from the “harp guitar pope,” which seemed to entertain their somewhat mystified friends while embarrassing Nancy to no end.  But it had to be done, and now she is officially one of us.

We are all thrilled for them both!

To come: many more private photos of the incredible holiday weekend on the Members Section.