Our second-year Foundation–sponsored musical guest was Philippe Fouquet from the town of Tours in France.  He of course traveled light, as he plays the original OHG – the world’s first “travel harp guitar” that he commissioned from Luke Brunner.

Like the one I demoed at last year’s Gathering (now sold), all were impressed with Philippe’s instrument, which approaches the sound of a full-size Dyer.  The audience was equally impressed by Philippe’s presentation and performances, which did not skimp on the virtuoso harp guitar compositions that he now has well underhand.

I couldn’t hear the Saturday night performances very well, as I was backstage doing M.C. duties (but will eventually have hi-def video with a pro audio track to watch, thanks to Brad).

Stephen handled the Sunday afternoon show, so I was able to sit out in the audience and bask in the music.  I was most affected by Philippe’s first, very emotional tune, during which our relationship played itself across my mind:

  • Frank (Doucette) playing me some songs by a fellow 6-string Wingert guitar owner he had met a couple of years back.
  • The discovery that this fellow (Philippe) had recorded one piece on an old Viennese harp guitar he had found on eBay.
  • Our correspondence with him to encourage and solicit additional harp guitar pieces.
  • His wonderful tune Les fleurs de l’aube – which he recorded 3 separate times as we worked to perfect the arrangement and performance to fit with the concept album Harp Guitar Dreams.
  • The last-minute pulling of the tune from the CD master due to subtle but irresolvable difficulties with his antique guitar’s intonation.
  • Philippe taking the devastating rejection and making it his “Turning Point” – within a year, commissioning an entirely new harp guitar invention (the Brunner OHG), developing a whole new harp guitar performance technique on it, and writing and recording a whole new repertoire of harp guitar tunes.
  • With some 6-string guitar pieces, this became the CD Turning Point I was honored to release on my Harp Guitar Music label a year ago.
  • His European successes with gigs and interviews (both print and video), culminating in….
  • Our opportunity to bring him over for his first trip to America, a guest of The Harp Guitar Foundation, and a true harp guitar star.

So yes, Philippe’s opening number served as the perfect soundtrack to the story – as I was struck by what an amazing journey of fate this has been for both Philippe and I, and in such a short time.

And finally, we met face to face, with a physical embrace – and a whirlwind weekend of music, joy, tears and laughter cementing our mutual musical interests, our collaborations, our friendship.

Here’s to continued adventures, Philippe!