First off, I wanted to mention that I’ve now added both Jan Tuláček and Scot Tremblay to the Luthier page (the first section, as both have built numerous historical harp guitars).  Examples of what they’ve made and/or offer are of course included.

Scot, and also David Schramm, who are both now building extra-string Scherzer copies (which a reader of this blog alerted us to recently), have told me that they plan to document the projects on their own blogs – so I’ll try to alert you when that begins.

Meanwhile, Jan took my prodding and has written for our benefit a nice English essay on his bogengitarre project, complete with a gorgeous, detailed, fully-captioned slide show of the entire process.

Check it out, and if you enjoy it, why not write him and tell him you appreciate the effort?   I sure do!