This has been an ongoing goal, spurred on by my new insurer (Anderson Group) requiring photos of each of my crazy, un-serialized, one-of-a-kind instruments.  I’ve been chipping away at it ever since Laurie Evans jump-started new photography for that book project a couple months back, and I continued with my own.

I didn’t need anything fancy for insurance purposes, but I always bemoan the fact that most of the world’s collections – from professional to private – are not fully cataloged, or if so, not adequately photographed for availability to other researchers and hobbyists.

So spent the last 2 days finishing photographing and formatting, and now have the full inventory of the collection pictured online.   Nothing fancy…photos are great to just usable, and info is scant – but it’s a good start (and, as always, was way too much work).

But I must say, even I’M impressed!  I had no idea I had this much stuff (about 250 photos), and a lot of nice pieces to boot!