…who has apparently been building harp guitars for some years now.   A recent search by Ben recently turned him up: Luciano Buscarini, of Osimo.

Looks like some beautiful work.  I rather like the modernized Italian hollow arm headstock designs – all they need is an extra sub or two and I think they could be of real interest to Dyer (and similar) fans (with a lot higher fret access!).

He did build a 6+6…

…this interesting jazz harp guitar for Francesco Barberini of Tuscany.

Obviously, Luciano warrants listing on the Luthier page.  I was hoping for more information on the above instruments (one-offs?  customers?) – but haven’t gotten a response yet.  Perhaps someone over there would like to point him to the site and let him know we’re interested?

I’d also be interested to hear or see something from Francesco on his new instrument.

Amazing how exponentially all this continues to grow!