Candyrat, that is.

4 of the hottest young acoustic guitarists on the planet (on the Candyrat label) came through L.A. last night on their 6 week tour.  Frank and I saw the (fantastic) show last night.  I knew all the names, but hadn’t listened to all – and had never heard friend Antoine Dufour live, so the whole evening was a real treat.

They stopped by today on the way up to Santa Barbara, and had fun trying out some odd harp guitars.  3 of them actually play them – Antoine, with his Duane Noble of course (included on the next HGM compilation), but also 2 Holloway prototype owners, Craig (not much yet) and Gareth (who claims he’s successfully working it into his “Tommy Emmanuel meets Michael Jackson” act [my take on him, anyway]).

L-R: Gareth Pearson, Craig D’Andrea, me, Antoine Dufour, Ewan Dobson II

Antoine trying the McCollum (for sale at HGM): all agreed this is a killer HG

Craig is amazed by the c.1898-9 Knutsen

Gareth gravitated toward the c.1900 Russian Zimmerman (7 on the neck)

While Ewan (a former classical guitarist) dwarfs the Gazzo on stand

Jaci and I had a great time with the “youngsters” – you can check out their music at  But I would highly recommend seeing them live – a whole different level!