Since you folks seem to be egging me on with the “K” gags…

…this is no laughing matter, however.

It seems that Chris struggled for 15 years with rheumatism, all during the start-up and heyday of his prolific period of harp guitar designing and building.

This rare and curious advertisement from September 16, 1908 – discovered during my first search session on the wonderful Chronicling America project – for a pair of Seattle osteopathic physicians includes a testimonial from not only Chris Knutson (sic, or “spelling optional”?), but from Anna and one of the daughters, who were cured of “female weaknesses.”  I won’t even try to speculate on that last bit.

Note how the copywriter mistakes Chris’ harp-guitars for “harps” and “guitars”…(interesting to see that mandolins are mentioned in 1908….).

“Cured” or not, I imagine that Knutsen’s pain likely persisted to some extent for his entire career.  Did the later move to sunny L.A. help?  It makes me respect and admire him all the more.