Christmas Present, to be precise.  Nearly 2 years in the making, this one is pretty special.

Frank and I are delighted to have ended up with somewhat of a “world music” flavor (both artists and material) for a very diverse mix of interesting, melodic and beautiful music.

And, of course, my stellar packaging and extensive, illustrated liner notes (with input from Frank and especially my art-degree wife, Jaci) – for the 5 people in the world who still buy physical CDs…

It’s finally off to the pressing plant and should be here right around Thanksgiving.

Before I post the link to the listing (with sound samples), I again present the Harp Guitar Music Quiz:

Who are the 16 Harp Guitar Collective artists on this collection?
(Hint: everyone’s recorded instruments made the wrapping paper…)

The first person (not in the loop) to guess all 16 wins a free CD!